How to Get Quick Loan by dialing USSD code on your Phone

There is a way you can get instant loan by dialing a short code on your mobile phone. In this post, we will show you how to get a quick loan by dialing USSD codes on your mobile phone.

The advent of technologies has changed the business world and financial platforms. Now, making it easier to access a loan within a minute without paper work.

If you have a phone number that is connected to your bank account, you can easily get low-interest loan without collateral.

List of USSD codes to get quick loan

Below is the list of mobile codes to get quick loan in Nigeria;

1) Ab Microfinance bank: to get an instant loan from Ab Microfinance bank, dial 389755# now!

2) Access Bank: do you need instant loan from Access bank? If ‘yes’, dial this USSD code 90111# on your mobile phone.

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Please note that you cannot access large amount by using these codes. However, if you need large amount, check out the list of federal government free-interest loan.

3) Accion MFB: dial this code 5726#.

4) Airtel quick cash: to access instant loan from Airtel, dial this code *561#

5) Aledin nano: the code to access quick loan from Aledin nano is, *903#.

6) Etisalat loan: you can also get loan from Etisalat by dialing *561# on your mobile phone.

7) Fairmoney loan: To get a loan from Fairmobey, simply dial this USSD code 3226# on your phone, then follow the prompt instructions.

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8) FCMB: to get quick loan from FCMB, use this code *329#. Just dual the code on your phone.

9) Glo money: wow! This code is for Glo money loan. Just dial this code, 322104225701amount# to access the loan.

10) GT Bank loan: dial this short code 73751*51# on your mobile phone.

11) Interswitch loan: the code for Interswitch loan is *322#

12) Kwik cash loan: dial this code *561#

  1. Mtn cash loan: to access this loan, dial this short code 6064#

Hope this help? See list of federal government free-interest loans.

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Updated: February 18, 2021 — 12:04 pm


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