5 Best Online Learning Platforms for Undergraduates (2020)

As the world is going digital so also is education. Conventional universities are now adding online courses to their programs. In this post, we shall look at the five (5) best online learning platforms for undergraduates.

There are a lot of online platforms that offers various academic courses depending on your choice. So, you just have to search for the one that best suit you and apply for it.

Considering the challenges that the Covid-19 has posed on education, there are so many means through which you can learn and educate yourself. In fact, because of the social distance rules and disease’ prevention guidelines, many universities have introduced online learning platforms. See difference between Bachelor Degree (B.Sc), HND, OND and NCE.

If you wish to make money as a school instructor or teacher, your courses can reach out to many online audience instead of organizing a local content of your own.

The benefit therein is that, through the online learning platforms, you can reach out to many new individuals in the public. Be reminded that there is competition in this too! So because of that, you may not get plenty money like that, but you have to put in more effort.

Best online learning platforms for undergraduates

Below are some of the excellently outstanding online platforms that can be beneficial to you as an undergraduate;

1. LinkedIn Learning

This Learning platform is formally known as Lynda and it’s structured for business professionals. LinkedIn Learning platform has more than 1,000 business courses to offer on topic such as business development, product development and digital marketing among others. It is a platform where business professionals are trained and it is good for undergraduates that has interest in learning business skills that are required for their future.

This platform also gives certificates to her students, which can boost their digital resume and authenticate their skills.

Requirements to study on LinkedIn

Premium membership attracts a monthly subscription of $29.99 for monthly payments or $24.00/ month for yearly payments.

2. Coursera

This is also a learning platform for professional course where classes are organised by some of the best Universities in the world such as Michigan University, Stanford and Duke.

Lecturers in this platform holds their classes in some of the best ranked Universities in the world and takes about 4-6 weeks to conclude it. Methodology of lectures includes Videos lectures, community conversation group and peer previewed assignments.

Requirements to study on Coursera

Firstly, the platform is free to join. However, you have to log in and see price information of each of the courses.

Secondly, Premium membership for major courses runs at the cost of $29.99/month. It takes normal 4-6weeks to conclude it and after finishing the course, you will receive a digital course certificate for successful completion of the course.

Specialization courses are organized to better understand the skills required by a specific or certain career. This cost between $39-79 per month. This course enables you to tackle certain business problems and undergo more intense coursework in the process.

There is online degree programs in this platform too. If you wish to take an advanced course, you can apply for the online degree programs approved by the Universities. However, this takes 1-3 years before completion and pay the required fees between $15,000 – $25,000.

3. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning platform specialized on creative education. Specifications are on areas like motion graphic, fine art, music and hospitality (catering).

There are courses on advanced courses including data science, analytics and e-commerce. Skillshare platform has over 24,000 courses online and more than 4 million students round the cosmic and pays more than $5 million for teachers allowance.

Each course offered by Skillshare is divided into two which are shorter lessons of 20-60 minutes with assignments and a group discussion board is in place to have conversation with other students.

The open discussion assist innovative ideas because students share ideas, accomplishment, challenges etc and they learn from each other.

The platform can also assist premium members with course planning and time table, and production.

Requirements to study on Skillshare

Skillshare is totally free for establishing a premium course experience. They pay their teachers $10 for premium membership referrals and also pay for monthly royalty for each minute of content watched.

Benefits of Skillshare

Skillshare is the best place to deliver your content geared towards creative audience and it has a lager customer capacity for entrepreneurs and developers.

In this platform, the most commonly available courses are on web design, email marketing, photography, personal branding, painting and other creative courses.

Furthermore, the class’ quality is fantastic. The platform has so much confident in its highly qualitative and professional courses. They assist people to plan their courses depending on the request of their audience and also in the process of production.

Other things to know about Skillshare

Skillshare is a perfect online learning platform with over 4 million students. Considering such a large capacity of users, Skillshare is a perfect place for creative students to learn.

They have good courses of high quality. They ensure that their users have a suitable class that best meet the needs of their audience effectively.

However, regarding the revenue royalty system and live support, you as a teacher can make much more sales with this platform. The online courses of this platform is the best for anyone that creates creative courses and desire to meet new audience.

4. Udemy

Udemy is one of the most popular and largest online learning platforms with over 24 million students. They have high class of lecturers with 35,000 professors with over 80,000 courses. However, as a teacher that want to create an Udemy course, you have to sign up to be a premium instructor.

You conveniently start your courses immediately your account is approved. However, There are rules guiding the classes; your lecture material must not be less than 30 minutes long with 5 lectures when creating the video content.

Requirements to study on Udemy

Udemy does not require any fee before you use it. However, they require 3% revenue share for sales via teacher coupons, 75% for transactions done through paid search marketing activities and 50% for students who have finished their course through organic search (SEO).

5. Treehouse

Treehouse is a new educational platform that aimed at providing students from different races, socio-economic backgrounds, culture and genders with quality education.

Treehouse has over 300 technical courses on coding and development, over 50,000 students and also, their lecture video is more than 27,545 minutes (still counting).

They work together with some number of organizations like IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa, Google Developers and Microsoft to achieve a common goal.

Requirements to study on Treehouse

Treehouse gives their students a free 7 days premium membership trial after which you can choose from the available three separate packages, ranging from $25 to $199 per month.

Treehouse has basic plan which includes on-demand course, interactive practice sections and opportunity to gain access to their online community.

Anyone looking for a way to build their portfolio and acquire skills meant for a certain work can put in for their Technical degree course which gives a personalized curriculum, feedback and support.

However, there is a pro package which will permit you to have access to download content, rewards and test apps. See how to upgrade 3rd class university degree and HND.

Advantages of Online Classes for Undergraduates

1. Career improvement

Undertaking an online class grants you opportunity to improve and upgrade your career. You can take any of the online courses at your most convenient time. Either you are working or raising a family, you can take online course! Obtaining a degree in any of the online course motivates and inspires potential employers to hire you and also makes them see you as someone who is optimistic for development.

2. Easy and restful learning environment

Considering the disadvantages of physical class like finding yourself in traffic, difficulty in raising family, requesting for leave at work. Online classes are void of that! You do everything digitally. You receive lectures, submit and do test online. So, it is easy to undergo.

3. Opportunity to choose from so many courses

You have the opportunity to choose from the wide range of courses available online. You can earn academic degree online. You can proceed to enroll for undiluted career course and get the necessary skills. There is nothing you can study in the university for four years that you won’t see its proceeding career colleges online. For instance, Microbiology to virology.

4. Suitability

Online courses gives you opportunity to plan for yourself. It is a suitable learning environment where you can schedule your time regarding when it will be convenient for you to study rather than the the university or physical learning norms. You can access your course content at any time you would like. This benefits enables students to be effective in their family and workplace while schooling.

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