Top 15 Best Paying Masters Degrees In Nigeria

In the labor market, whoever has an edge over his fellow job seekers stand a chance of gaining the opportunity. To have an edge over other graduates, you need a Masters Degree. Here we will show you top 15 best paying Masters Degrees Programs to go for.

It is quite expedient that one proceed with his/her career in a course that is highly lucrative and marketable. In the life we are living now, it is not enough to have a first degree (B.Sc or HND).

Having a Masters degree shows you are knowledgeable and have proper understanding about a particular area of specialisation.

However, when going for Masters degree program, ensure you choose from the highest paying ones. Kindly go through our list of highest paying masters degree programs. See how to apply for UK Masters degree program in Nigeria.

Top 15 best paying Masters degrees

Below is the list of best paying masters degrees;

1. Food Science and Technology

Food Science and Technology is a discipline that monitors and controls the production of foods. They ensure that foods produced in food manufacturing or production are good for consumption. Food scientist or technologist works in food production or beverages companies to help monitor, control and regulate food production processes.

Having a masters degree in this field will guarantees promotion and opportunity to take decision on food safety and production.

2. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is a field of specialization that studies both biology and engineering, the application of engineering principles and materials to medicine. It is a broad field with various specifics. They combine both the knowledge of biology with that of engineering to meet health needs.

However, it’s a new field of study but very lucrative and marketable. Their service is needed in medicine and health and as result, they receive good pay.

3. Industrial Engineering and management

This is another lucrative field of study in the University. Having a masters degree in this specialization equips you with industrial knowledge of engineering and its management.

Furthermore, you will be able to function as an engineer and at the same time a manager through the knowledge of management you have acquired.

It’s a well paying and lucrative job for people who desire knowledge of management in engineering.

4. Nursing

Nursing is one of the best courses in Nigeria. However, having a specific field in Nursing will make you more specifically functional and relevant in the field and as a result, you get more pay.

Obtaining a masters degree in Nursing will also grant you access to research and to handle administrative processes.

5. Marketing

All production or service engaged companies needs a marketer who will employ all marketing strategies to boost the acceptability and profitability of their products or services.

Obtaining a masters degree in marketing makes companies believe in your potential and charisma to handle marketing responsibilities.

Most companies desires progress and expansion in their business. This can only be achieved when the appropriate marketing strategies is employed. That’s where the need for a marketer becomes high and because of that, they become unavoidable and critical part of the company’s growth.

Marketers are rewarded with high payment and other benefits or allowances.

6. Content Creation And Digital Marketing

Content creation and digital marketing is a very lucrative job as companies are desiring to employ online means of reaching their customers and place their relevancy online.

This course can be studied online while working also. At the same time, you can be working and engage yourself with content creation and digital marking. However, some people major on it but which ever way you want it, you are covered with high reward!

Companies needs content creator and digital marketer to promote their business or brand online. The online presence created by this profession for companies makes them well rewardable.

7. Business Administration

Masters in Business Administration is very lucrative as every firm or organization will desire to improve their growth rate. People who studied this course are indeed business administrators. They administer all profitable techniques to ensure the organisation they found themselves record massive growth.

Their role in uplifting business organisations is indispensable. That’s the reason why business organisations can not do without them.

They employ both management and administrative skills to ensure effective management of all business processes.

8. Project Management

Project managers (people who studied project management) are entrusted with the responsibility of effective and timely execution of projects in a company. As a result, they make sure that all necessary and required material for a particular project is adequately available.

They have significant role in successful execution of projects. They monitor and supervise all projects’ management processes in order to avoid lapses in any area. They also ensure that all other sectors or departments in a given project are functionally working.

The above and many other responsibilities of the project manager shows how lucrative they are. Having a masters degree in this field make you a recognized and respected manager.

9. Corporate Finance

Organizations that deals with business transaction desires financial growth. To achieve this, they need financial advisor. This is where someone who studied corporate finance comes in to change their financial status for good.

They also gives advise to investors and financial bodies on how to maximise beneficial potentials for financial profit making. They are also paid well.

10. Mathematics and statistics

Mathematics and statistics has become a well lucrative profession because of their impact in statistical industries, engineering and computing. There are so many researchers who need the service of a mathematician or statistician to carry out some mathematical or statistical works. Having a masters degree in this profession awards you an opportunity to earn better.

11. Operation and Supply Chain Management

Obtaining a masters degree in this profession gives you unshakable opportunity to be the head of operation or operation manager. Masters degree in this field gives you opportunity to to be promoted and saddled with the responsibility of managing all levels of a given company’s operation.

They ensure provision of good working environment and successful execution of works/projects.

There is also an opportunity for you to earn more because of the nature of the work. It is considered to be enormous and effort requiring.

12. Data Analysis

As the name implies, this profession deals with data analysis. It is a a significant and special field of study. They work in data oriented companies to generate and analyze data relating to the purpose of the establishment.

They can also be hired as a consultant for an organization for special assignment. They are well paid. There is no much competition in this field because not many studied it and they are highly needed in some establishments.

13. I.T. Courses

Any courses that pertain to IT is highly lucrative. They are well patronised and employed by companies who want a long term functionality in the market. People in this profession provides IT services to their hired companies.

They are in high demand and as a result serves as a leverage for their high payment.

14. Economics

Economist works in different capacity in financial or managerial sector of a company. They provide timely and useful advice that will encourage proper use of company’s resources to generate bountiful income.

Having a masters degree in economics will enable you to be seen as a reputable fellow whose advice is to be followed in all financial processes of the organization.

Therefore, masters degree in economics can only serve as a platform to Access such opportunity.

15. Geology

Geology is also one of the lucrative courses in the University. Having a masters degree in Geology makes you an expertise who have the know to work with engineers either construction Engineers, Mining or petroleum engineers.

Geologist also work as a consultant where they provide useful information regarding the execution of a Project.


you can study any of the above masters degree courses in Nigerian Universities. Just go online and make research for schools that offers them. It usually takes two years in Nigeria to study. However, the time of study is worthwhile considering the benefits therein.

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