See Top Trending Solar Batteries In Nigeria

Are you tired of the epileptic power supply in Nigeria and you want to get an alternative source of power? Do you want to generate electricity to keep your business going at the expense of the national grid? If ‘yes’, you need to know the best solar batteries that can give you your desired uninterrupted power supply for your business or home use.

Best Solar Batteries In Nigeria

Find below, the top trending solar batteries in Nigeria:

1. Tesla Powerwall

Best solar batteries in NigeriaThis battery is a Lithium-ion produced by the highly rated Tesla Inc. It stores power for solar-self consumption, which can be used to provide electricity supply to home appliances. If you want to go for the commercial aspect, then you can purchase the power-packed.

2. Sunbank Solar batteries

These batteries are built with the aid of the latest technology in solar production. What it does is that it stores the energy generated by the solar system during the day for a later use. It can serve both households and commercial purposes.

3. Deep Cycle Solar Battery

This solar battery was made to cater to long-lasting, repeated and deep discharges. This is the most popular renewable energy systems that is disengaged from electricity utility. It simply serves as energy storage facility for solar, wind and other forms of renewable systems.

4. Livguard Solar Inverter

Among all the solar batteries, this is considered to have the highest solar charge controller that can excerpt maximum power from solar modules. This solar battery is made with intelligence Real-Time Clock (RTC) technology and it help maximize solar energy usage.

5. Fronius Solar Battery

Built with Lithium technology, it has a very short charging time and prolong service life. If you are looking for a solar battery with maximum self-consumption and independence. In 1945, in Austria, it began with 4.5kWh with the expansion potential of 12kWh.

6. Sunglow Battery

This is one of the easiest solar batteries to install and maintain at a very low cost. It has an anti-arc security for safety management. It has IP65 and C5 systems built into it to enable it adapt to harsh weather. Interestingly, it has an alarm built into it to alert the user to any fault and it monitors irregularity.

7. LG Chem Battery

LG Chem battery has incredible features such as compact size and space saving, reliable performance, proven safety and expendable at need. It is built with safety of the user in mind and can be spent as the needs of the user increases.

8. PowerPlus Battery

This battery was built in Australia, using the Lithium energy storage technology. The battery’s capacity can be increased if there is any need to expand it. Built with a considerable size, this battery does not occupy much space in the house.


The solar batteries highlighted above are the best and popular solar batteries used in Nigeria. Depending on your needs, you can get and install any in your home or office for uses.

Source: Nyscinfo

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