7 Best Stablizers And Prices In Nigeria [Update]

Do you want to get a stabilizer for your home or office use but you don’t know which is the right one to buy? Are you tired of the frustration you suffered with the one you have already? Would you like to know the best stabilizers you can buy in Nigeria? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then stay and read this article till the end, to know the best stabilizers you can choose from and their prices in Nigeria.

What is a stabilizer?

A Stabilizer is an electronic device that regulates electric power supply and stabilizes the voltage before resupplying it to devices connected to it. Basically, stabilizers protect your appliances from electric damage.

There are many makers of stabilizers in Nigeria, but not all of them produce quality stabilizers. Because of the importance you place on your appliances, as nobody wants to have his properties get burnt by power surge, we have researched the best stabilizers in Nigeria, their prices and durability. This is to help you decide on what is good and best for you.

Best Stablizers And Prices In Nigeria
A Stabilizer

7 Best stablizers and prices in Nigeria

Below are the best stabilizers to buy in Nigeria and their prices:

1. Power Deluxe

Price: N12,500.


• Strength – 2000VA

• Output Voltage (OV) – 230V

• Complete voltage regulator

2. A & E Dunamis

Price: N110,000.


• Output Voltage – 80-270V

• Wall fixed

• Single phase

• LCD display

3. Prag Voltage Stabilizer

Price: N160,350.


• Central stabilizing for all appliances

• Suitable for air conditioners, Refrigerator, TV, Pumping and washing machine, Printer, etc.

• Strength – 20VA

• Output Voltage – 220+10V

• Input Voltage 95V-280V

• Single phase

• 50HZ-60HZ frequency

4. Prag 15KVA Stabilizer

Price: N107,500.


• One phase

• 3-5 seconds’ delay

• Output Voltage 220V-4V

• Strength – 15VA

• Compatible with home and office appliances

5. Binatone Auto Voltage DVS – 5000

Price: N38,200.


• Input Voltage rang – 100-280V

• Total High voltage protection

• 10 seconds auto countdown

6. TEC Digital Stabilizer

Price: N18,200 – N25,000.


• 2000VA

• Double transformer

• Power indicator

7. Haier Thermocool

Price: N36,000 – N48,000.


• Capacity – 5000VA

• Circuit breaker

• Protection for output voltage

• Compatible for split air conditioners.


The list above contained the 7 best and most cost effective stabilizers in Nigeria. While we have done a thorough research before coming up with this article, the prices may change depending on the company or manufacturer as prices of goods are currently unstable in Nigeria. We advise you to buy from a dealer and authorized branded store because you may get it such places at the company’s official price.

Source: Nyscinfo

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