Tips For Saving Your Android Phone Battery Life

Are you tired of your phone’s battery running low and very quick? Do you want to prolong the life battery of your phone? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you read this article till the end, as we show you how to make your Android phone battery last longer (or tips for saving your battery for a longer life). Also check how to use your android mobile phone to detect a spy camera in a room.

Tips For Saving Your Android Battery Life

There is several things that cause poor battery life on your android phone. The problems faced by today’s smartphones are increasing and further challenging than it had ever been.

In order to accommodate the increasing needs on phones, the processors have become extra powerful and the screens have become bigger, yet developments in battery life hasn’t move in the same speed as the making of the phones. Individual manufacturer deploys a different operating system, leading to some features and settings becoming outdated.

To protect your battery’s life in the face of these challenges, there are tips you need to follow in other to prolong the battery life of your android phones.

Tips for saving your phone battery life

The following tips would make your phone battery to last longer:

1. Turn Off Automatic Wi-Fi

After the Oreo update, android has been programmed with a feature to always look for open Wi-Fi networks even when you deactivate your Wi-Fi. To turn it off, go to Settings>Network & Internet>Wi-Fi>Wi-Fi preferences, then unchecked the “Turn on Wi-Fi automatically” option.

2. Switch to the Dark Mode

One good thing about the OLED display is that it can disable each pixels and backgrounds with deep blacks that lets them to consume less power. You can leverage on this feature by applying the dark mode. See how to activate Dark Mode in all websites including Facebook.

3. Take Control of your Apps

There are many apps that run in the background even when you are not using them. This definitely eats up your data and consumes a lot of power from your battery. Just put unused apps to sleep or disabled under the App Power Management settings on your phone.

4. Monitor Misbehaving Apps

Check to ensure that all your apps are working properly to prevent your battery life from being hit badly. Go to Settings>Battery>Menu>Battery Usage to see the apps that have consumed the most power.

5. Check your Location Service

You can turn off the Google location service on the phone. This helps to reduce the amount of battery consumption.

6. Disable Google Assistant

If you don’t use the Google Assistant for any reason, you can disable it, as it works with the Google location service.

7. Configure the Sleep Schedule

You can set your phone to turn itself off at a given time. Perhaps when you want to go to bed at nights.

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