How To Change Your JAMB Name and Bio Data

If, while supplying information for your JAMB registration, you made a mistake by spelling our name incorrectly and you want to correct the mistake, then this article is for you. This article covers all the procedures on how you can apply to JAMB for a change of name or bio data on the JAMB’s portal.

We have put together, a very simple and stress-free procedures for candidates who want to correct some spellings or change name, or bio data below, in order to be able to carry out their Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Examination.

How to change tour JAMB name and Bio Data

Follow the guidelines below if you want to change your name or bio data on the JAMB portal:

  1. Visit the JAMB website on

  2. Click on the “E-facility” link at the navigation bar.

  3. Right under “Post –Registration e-facilities,” click on “Correction of Data” link.

  4. Again, click on “Change of Course/Institution” link.

  5. On the login page, use your email and password to sign in.

  6. The click on “Application for correction of data,” on the left side.

  7. On the drop down menu, click on “Names”.

  8. Choose your Examination Year.

  9. Input your Examination Number.

  10. Click on “Search Details”.

  11. Upon selection of this service, a generated Transaction ID will be displayed on the confirmation page.

  12. Examine the information shown on the confirmation page.

  13. Select the “Continue Button” to pay with ATM card.

  14. Should you want to use other payment platforms, take note of your Transaction ID.

  15. For payment for change of course or institution, enter your card information.

  16. Select “My Payment” to confirm your payment status.

  17. You will receive an SMS or email containing your special Transaction Identification and payment status.

  18. Upon receiving the details, click on “Continue”.

  19. Upon confirmation of your payment, select your Examination Year and input your JAMB Registration Number.

  20. Once your details show up, provide all required information and submit the change of name request.

  21. Print the form.

  22. Fill it accurately and take it to your university or institution.

  23. Your school will submit the form to JAMB for approval.

  24. The approved form will be uploaded to your profile and you will get notified.

  25. Upon JAMB processing and approval, your name will be changed successfully.


Applying for change of name or bio data is not as difficult as many people unknowingly think. With the right information and guidelines like the one we have shown you above, you can successfully change your name or course with no stress.

Source: Nyscinfo

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