How to Activate Dark Mode in all Websites including Facebook

There may be reasons you want to view any website on dark mode. Dark mode is a feature that allows you to switch the color theme of a website or app to a black background with light text or something close to it. In this post, we will show you how to activate dark mode in all websites including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

One advantage of dark mode is less brightness, therefore consumes less of your battery power.

How to Activate Dark Mode in all Websites

Another important benefit is that dark mode reduce eye strain and help the body’s natural release of melatonin, which leads to better sleep. See how to easily detect a hidden camera with your phone.

So, this post will focus on activating ‘night mode’ in all websites you browse with ‘Google Chrome’.

In case you don’t know, the latest version of Chrome browser update enables you to use any website in dark mode.

It is very simple, all you have to do is to update your Chrome browser to latest version, and activate it.

Once activated, all your favourite websites will change into a dark background, while the text will appear in white, blue or red colour depending on the developers.

After activating dark mode on your Google Chrome, you may not see a reason to go back to the ‘light mode’ again.

The latest Chrome Beta release, version 76, supports something known as “prefers-color-scheme.” which lets you enable black background in all websites you browse with Chrome.

It is available in both Chrome for PC and smartphones. However, if you are not show of the Chrome version you use, kindly CLICK HERE to update or download latest Chrome browser from Google Play Store.

After the activation, visit any website and the results are all similar..

How to activate dark mode in all websites including Facebook

Follow the steps below to activate dark mode on your Chrome browser;

1) Update your Chrome browser to the latest version, or at least version 76.

2) Open the search bar on your Chrome and enter “chrome://flags” and click search button.

3) A second search bar will be displayed, enter “Dark mode”.

4) Locate “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents,” and Click on its “Default,” button.

5) From the menu, select “Enabled”

6) Finally, click on “Relaunch” as shown below;

Congratulations! Visit any website with your Google Chrome browser and enjoy your dark mode.

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