How To Easily Detect A Hidden Camera With Your Phone

Most people have be spied upon with a hidden camera without their knowledge. In this post, we will show you how to detect a hidden camera with your cell phone.

With the advent of modern technologies, it’s now more easier than ever to be monitored with a pinhole sized cameras. Many people’s nudes are leaked online on a daily basis with the help of spy cameras.

You should always be conscious of recording devices and pinhole sized cameras, when you are in a hotel or other places.

However, the good news is that there is a way you can easily detect a secret camera in a room with your mobile phone.

How to detect a hidden camera with your phone

Below is how you can easily detect a secret camera in a room using your phone;

1. Enter the room you want to check if there is a hidden camera,

2. Turn off the lights, and close the curtains.

3. Open your phone camera, and make sure the flash light is off.

4. Turn around the room with your phone camera on.

4. When a red dot is found on your screen, that means that is a hidden camera. If no red dots, then the room is free of hidden cameras.

You can test this with a remote control. Just face your tv or DVD remote at the lens of your phone camera (3cm in distance), then press any button on the remote, you will see that a light on your phone screen which ordinarily cannot see with necked eyes.

For more accurate method of detecting hidden cameras with your phone, you need to download app that is very good for the job from Google Pray store. One app that can do it very well is called “Hidden camera detector – Spy camera finder“.

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