How To Get Free 3GB Airtel Data (Airtel TV App)

Earlier this morning, we taught you how you can be able to get free 1GB data using “My Airtel App” on Airtel Network. Click here if you missed it.

Now, we’re back again to reveal to you how you can get additional 3GB using another app called “Airtel TV” on the same Airtel Network.

Note that users of both Android and iOS can have access to this “Airtel TV” app, so that means both users can enjoy the 3GB free data.

Just like “My Airtel” app data, this free 3GB is also available for both new and old Airtel users.

Please, note that we have also tested this one too, and it is working 100%. Just like “My Airtel” app data, they have also been giving this free data to their valid customers for quite some time now and it’s also valid for just 6 days.

Since this data is valid for 6 days, we advice you to exhaust it before it expires. Maybe you can use it to download movies, or for other important things.

Note: You can only get the 3GB data reward when you download and register your Airtel number on “Airtel TV” app. Like we said before, you can register new or old Airtel number.

How to Get the free 3GB Airtel data

Follow the steps below to get your free 3GB Airtel data;

1. Download and Install ‘Airtel TV’ app. For Android users, Click here to download it from Google Play Store. For iOS users, Click here to download it from Apple Store.

How To Get Free 3GB Airtel Data (Airtel TV App)

2. After installing the app, open it and click on “Register”.

How To Get Free 3GB Airtel Data (Airtel TV App)

3. When it opens, click on “Accept”.

4. When it opens, Input your phone number and Email Address (optional) and click on Continue.

After you’re done, an OTP will be sent to phone number, which will be used to verify the app. When you’re done, just sit back and wait for your free 3GB data reward from Airtel.

It might take sometimes before it finally arrive, but it must surely arrive.

When the free data arrives, you’ll receive the following message:

“Congratulations. You have been credited with Free Airtel App Download data bonus. Dial *140# to check your free data.” See the screenshot below;

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  1. Raphael Pemilo

    It keeps telling me to switch to my airtel sim nd I use only airtel so I don’t understand what’s happening

  2. It worked but it’s not working on other apps like Google apart from my airtel tv app and it’s 3072 mb not 1 or 2gb .

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