How Pastors Make Money From their Congregation

The first thing people always think about when it comes to church is money. In this post, we shall look at how pastors make money from their congregation.

A pastor is the leader of a church who preaches and give advice to the people or congregation.

The leader of Christian congregation in a Catholic is called Priest, Vicar in Anglicans, and Pastor in denominations.

Some of the pastors who are multi-billionaires have private jets to travel around the world preaching the gospel. You can check out the list of 10 richest pastors in Nigeria and their net worth.

Before we continue, we should appreciate our Pastors, for reaching out to people for Christ in an ever changing post modern society.

Europe almost lost a generation because they did not preserve the gospel for their children who now seemingly indulge in satanism and other vices.

It’s good to give money in churches to support the work of the gospel. However, it’s not about money but about wining souls for Christ.

How Pastors make money from their congregation

Below are how Nigeria pastors make money from their church members;

1. Tithes

Tithe is one of the ways pastors make money from their church members. For years, tithing has been a popular thing in the church.

Tithing means paying 10% of your income to your pastor or church. Though, in the Bible, Christ did not encourage paying of tithes, and he did not pay or collect it from others.

According to how it is being preached in some Nigerian churches, it is your tithes that will make God to bless you, and without that the devourer (devil) will destroy you.

2. Offerings

This is the gifts brought to God. An offering is not linked to what you earn. It is something that you freely give to God.

So, an offering may be given to thank, praise, or to show our love for God. In the Bible, Jesus encouraged people to give offering, he gave and also appreciated those who gave very big.

3. First fruit

Your first fruit is the first of everything you get. For example, if you get a new job, the first salary should be given to the Pastor. Although, when believers pay/give they don’t take it as they are giving to their pastors, but to God. In addition, every new year all your January earnings should go to the Pastor.

4. Seeds

Pastors also make money when their members sow seed in the church. Seed has the ability to reproduce after its kind. For example; if you want promotion in your job, you can sow seed with money believing that your money represent promotion, and will yield multiple promotions for you.

5. Pastor’s Birthday

Church members usually contribute huge sum of money to celebrate their pastors birthday. The contributed money can be used to buy gift for the pastor or they just give home the cash gift.

6. Church Wedding

While this is free in some churches, it is being paid for in some other churches. Some pastors even charge up to N80,000 before they can wed members of their congregation who are getting married. Though, they may tell you that the money will be used to buy petrol for generator, buy wine for officiating priest and other craps.

7. Information marketing

Some pastors make money by selling their messages in audio, videos, PDF and books format. They will ask their congregation to buy in large quantities and distribute for free to people for them to win their souls for Christ.

8. Spiritual water or oil and others

One other way some pastors make money is by selling spiritual items such as holy water, oil, salt, stickers, etc. Those items are believe to heal disease, chase out demons, and so on.

9. Money for blessing

I don’t want to say much about this one but it usually goes this way, “there are 50 persons that God want to bless between today and tomorrow. These 50 persons will sow seed of N100,000 to make it happen. If you are amongst these 50 persons, come out…”, and you will see multitude of people going out to give the 100k to receive the blessing.

10. Partnership giving

Pastors may want to give something to other people, and church members will be asked to partner with money for a project which will not be accounted for.

11. Thanks giving

Pastors regularly organize ‘thanks giving’ church services, where members are giving the opportunity to thank God for all He has been doing for them.

12. Others

There are other ways pastors make money from their congregation that are not listed here. If you know any other way they make money, you can add it in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: The information above is for educational purpose only. This post is neither in support nor against pastors or ways they make money. God bless you.

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