Beware of these Fake Survival Fund Portals

It has come to the notice of Survivalfund NG, that several fake portals have been created to mimic the original portal of the program.

These portals in question, request for confidential details of beneficiaries, which will enable them manipulate victims funds and other vital data.

To safeguard the purpose of the scheme (SurvivalfundNG), the management body have deemed it necessary to inform the general public that any portal requesting for personal information (i.e account details) should be regarded as fake, as they won’t and will never request for such information via webpage.  Rather the Project Delivery Office (PDO) will use a different means to get any information from beneficiaries, which will be communicated to them before commencement.

Hence, it should be made known that the original website for survival fund remains

Fake survival fund portal

The portals below are fake;


These two websites have been sending broadcast messages through social media to beneficiaries, claiming to credit them with fifty thousand naira (N50,000) once they send their account details.

Due to lack of awareness, many persons will fall victim as they will want to get funds as quick as possible from the scheme, or know their eligibility status.

Thus, this very information should be shared with everyone, as it will help a lot of persons to overcome the fraudulent plots mapped by the unknown scammers.

Kindly follow us, and be among the first sets of readers to get genuine updates about the scheme (SurvivalfundNG).

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