Call for Digital Skills Trainers At Cybergirls Fellowship Programme

Are you a Nigerian girl willing to spare few hours daily for one month? Can you facilitate engaging digital skills session? Do you live in Adamawa, Kogi, Cross river, Enugu, Oyo or kaduna State? Do you speak the native language of the host states? if ‘yes’, this is a big opportunity for you as Cybersafe foundation comes up with the Cybergirls fellowship programme.

Digital Skills Trainers At Cybergirls FellowshipThe cybersafe foundation who is in partnership with Aid for Rural Education Access initiative, is as at current organising a digital skill training as part of her cybergirls fellowship, whose aim is at improving the well-being of Nigeria girls by providing IT high demand skills through intensive training, job placement opportunities, and mentorship that will remove poverty from them.

The program will also help in empowering girls from underserved communities with a cybersecurity skills globally sought-after through our fellowship program; making them seize work opportunitie within Nigeria, and across the world. Definitely, at the long run they will be able to start a career in cybersecurity.

A crop of very hungry but knowledgeable budding female cybersecurity enthusiasts will be produce by the fellowship. These girls will have to get their hands dirty to hone their newly skills acquired in the following areas or niche:

  • IT security Audit.
  • Networking.
  • Response/Incident Analysis .
  • Testing of Vulnerability and Penetration.
  • Testing of Web Application.
  • Security Intelligence.

Dedicated digital skills trainer are therefore needed from across the 6 states;

  • Cross river
  • Kogi
  • Adamawa
  • Enugu
  • Oyo
  • Kaduna

Applicants from the above listed states will be able to facilitate digital literacy skills session for one month, within the duration of the entire programme. Transport cost will be cover by financial stipends. Exciting branded materials will also be provided for trainers.

How to Apply for Digital Skills Trainers At Cybergirls Fellowship Programme

The application process is quite easy.

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