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Can Corps members and PCMs Apply for Npower? Answered!

After posting guidelines on how to apply for N-power programme, many people have been asking if NYSC members can apply for the programme. This post will provide answers for the question, including whether Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) are eligible to apply or not.

However, before we answer the question “Can a Corps member apply for Npower recruitment?” Let’s first look at the purpose of Npower establishment, and its requirements. Because that will help us.

=> Apply for N-power Recruitment!

Aim for creating Npower

Npower was created to reduce the rate of unemployment in Nigeria by providing a structure for large scale and relevant skills acquisition and development while linking its core and outcomes to fixing inadequate public services and stimulating the larger economy.

Npower eligibility (who can apply for Npower programme?)

The Npower programme is designed for all unemployed Nigerian graduates between the age of 18 and 35 years.

Can a Corps member apply for Npower?

Answer: yes, they can apply depending on the category of N-power programme. Please, note that NYSC Discharge Certificate is needed for N-power Teacher Corps, which you do not have yet. So, you cannot apply for that category, and others that require National Service Certificate.

However, Corpers are eligible to apply for N-Power Knowledge, N-Power Build, and other categories which do not require NYSC Discharge Certificate.

The same thing is applicable to Prospective Corps members (PCMs). But as for law, there is no law that forbids NYSC members from submitting their applications.

Our Advice

We can only advise Corps members whose passing out (POP) date is near to apply for Npower programme. But if your POP is still very far to the point that you cannot meet up, do not apply because you may not be able to combine both NYSC and Npower if selected. So, be patient and enjoy your N33,000 in peace.

For PCMs, if you are hoping to serve very soon, do not apply for Npower because NYSC might post you to a place far from your Npower service area. If you then leave Npower for NYSC, you may not be given a second chance since BVN is to be used only once.

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  1. Ibrahim Khadijat


    As an N-power beneficiary can I still apply for my NYSC program or I should wait till I finish my N-power program next year before applying?

  2. Lilian chika


    Please i registered for npower last year with my National Diploma certificate bcoz i was yet to finish my HND, and i luckily was shortlisted also have done my thumbprint but my problem nw is i will be going for my Nysc this year what should i do

    • Henry Titus


      Am having same issue

  3. Ampitan Ilesanmi adebayo



  4. Charles Ezeanya


    Pls can someone who schooled outside Nigeria apply?
    Because am trying to apply but the name of my school wasnt listed

    • Muniru Balikis


      Yes, anyone that schooled outside can also apply for it because i’m also a foreign student and have applied for the program will need to check the site back when u get to the selection of university u will see other and click on it that’s where foreign graduates falls to. Thanks

  5. Saliu Nusirat Olabisi


    Pls am a Corp member who will pass out November2020 next 5month.can I apply for Npower.

  6. Sam


    Heard if you apply for npower and later get a federal job,you will be denied the federal job,how true is that?

    • Esther waribo


      Same to me too,because i want to passing out November remaining 5 month.

  7. Kemi


    Can someone use Nabted to registerfor Npower. THANKS

  8. Dauda Nuhu


    Please did N-Health require NYSC certificate to apply for N-Power, am still a corp member. please I need help.

  9. Adebisi Lateefat


    Please can I apply for Npower without my NYSC certificate? Though the certificate is ready but I couldn’t travel to get it during my POP last month because of the travel ban

  10. Precious


    Please am a corp member who will pass out by February 2021 ,pls can I apply this npower using my HND certificate ? I need an answer because I really need to apply

  11. Kate


    Did NPower health require NYSC discharge certificate.

    • Npower will update its requirements on June 26. Be patient!

  12. Pls can a graduate given exemption cert apply for this program still, the issue nw is the cert is not ready bcos of covid 19, cnt move down to schl to collect it…any advice on the programs?

    • Yes, but for N-build, N-tech and other categories

      • Ekay chuks


        Sir, I’m sure passing out in November by his grace, can’t I as well apply for N-tech????? By then my certificate should be ready sir

        • Ani Ifeanyi


          I graduated as an accountant under education but through part-time, so i was given NYSC exemption letter, can it be accepted? Or must it be NYSC discharge certificate

  13. Olatunji Ridwan


    Thanks for this but pls can corp members passing out in October apply

  14. Adeniji Olayinka Adesewa


    Please can I apply for N_power teach,Am a corp member but my pop will be next month July 16 2020 , please can i get answer on this because I really want this job.

    • Aborisade Jumoke


      What of health technology science student can they apply too

      • Yes, if they meet the requirements

        • Charles Ezeanya


          Pls can someone who studied outside Nigeria apply for the Npower because I tried registering but I couldn’t see any foreign school in the column for choosing your institution

    • Saliu Nusirat Olabisi


      Am a corp member passing out November 2020 next 5month pls can I apply for npower

  15. Aderonke


    Can I apply for N-POWER because my POP is in the month of October?

  16. Kasali


    Passing out by October/November can I apply for the Npower program

  17. Jamilu


    Am present Corp member and am passing out in the next 21 days, can I apply???

    • Chris


      Sure, since it will take up to 7months before they finish processing the n-power registrations

  18. Kelechi Ogbonnia


    Thank you comrade, meanwhile I want to ask as regard the requirement for the NYSC discharge certificate for those who want to apply for Npower teacher Corp, my POP is 16th July and I will be given my discharge certificate, so can I apply for that teacher Corp because I like teaching ooo

    • Jemimah


      Yes, you can but not N teach because you must have NTSC cert.

      • Jemimah


        I mean you must have your discharged nysc cert

  19. Alvera Juliet


    1) Please can we be paid at the end of the month if I apply for Npower knowledge
    2) assuming am passing out by October/ November can I apply for Npower programme

    • Jukie


      I’ll be passing out probably in October or November, can I apply for Npower?

  20. Abba


    Please what of Us undergraduate student can we apply?

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