Career Guidance for Entry Level Graduates (2021)

Most career opportunities require Entry level graduates, which is often used to identify new college/university graduates who are job seekers, and who are looking for career opportunities upon completion of a training or degree progamme. Here are the career guidance for entry level graduates.

Career Guidance for Entry Level Graduates

What is an Entry level job?

The above is referred to as the first job that a new graduate trainee takes. People in this category are always concerned when it comes to looking for a job, because of their lack of experience, which is one of the criteria to most published job opportunities.

In such situation, the individual should not worry, because Entry level jobs generally require little skills and knowledge to start them.

The most important thing is to start working on oneself, self development and improvement while seeking for those opportunities.

At such point also, such individual needs career guidance and that is what we hope to achieve by the end of this article.

Importance of Career Guidance

Career guidance is needed for all levels of job seekers, because of the need to be focused and organized. This guidance gives one a better opportunity towards streamlined goals in that dream jobs.

Necessary Steps For Your Career As Entry Level Graduates

Working on oneself is very much important towards getting or being recruited for that Entry level job. Being mentored and guided will provide an enough ground to be focused and to avoid mistakes.

See the following steps below;

 1. Improveour Skills

Most Entry level job seekers fail to work on themselves, develop their skills, which is the beginning of failure.

Identify your weaknesses and your strengths, work on the weaknesses to develop more and work more on the strengths to improve more. Research more on your field of concentration, enroll in necessary qualifications or professional exams to gain more knowledge.

2. Professional Qualifications

Recently, that degree might not get you into that job. You need to develop more and expand in knowledge and experience wise. Attend seminars from experienced persons, reach out or go for professional qualifications on your field, take certificate courses, study more on knowledge patterning to that field of concentration.

3. Social Capital

This deals with connecting with people and sustaining relationships. In our world today, networking is the order of the day. Connect with brains in the same field, never look down on anyone, because no one knows tomorrow.

Developing a strong professional social network is another instrument you can use in building the required relationship or system to advance in that career choice. Concentrate on gaining new grounds and contacts.

4. Goal Oriented

Everyone has a goal. An Entry level graduate should map out his or her goals, things to achieve, purpose to avoid being frustrated on the long run. These goals can be long term or short term goals.

It is vital to often do a brief reflection on the goals to know how extent you have worked towards achieving them. Breakdown the goals, develop a proper plan for those goals, activate yourself towards achieving them i.e being action oriented.

5. Be Passion Driven

What is it you are passionate about? Do you jump into any opportunity, because you think none could have been better? Then at the end, you become frustrated.

Know what you are passionate about, be driven by that passion towards achieving that greatness.

6. Create a Personal Brand

As an Entry level graduate or job seeker, creating a personal brand is important. It represents whom you are and what you want to be.

Have a professional identity. Let people know you for something. Your design is Paramount. Have a great and attracting curriculum vitae.

7. Seek for Assistance

No man is an island. There are other out there, who are willing to help, but some feel shy or pompous to seek for help from them. Look for mentors on that field of concentration.

Learn from their experience, because they are higher than you for truth to be told. The mentors will help to info

rm you of how performing well at your job can gain the attention of superiors that will look out for you.


If the steps mentioned above could be maximized by the Entry level graduate, it would be a better avenue to position oneself for that right employer. It is very important to develop oneself, set realistic goals, do a lot of networking, research to earn more grounds.

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