Guide to Passing Job Interview in 2021

Recently, many jobs have been published and it has been highly competitive, and as such, presenting a good resume that will catch the attention of the employer is vital. Here we will show you how to pass job interview in 2021.

Guide to Passing Job Interview in 2021

Having an overview of what an interview is, will give the applicant more knowledge on how to face interview sessions.

According to the English dictionary, INTERVIEW is a formal meeting in person for the assessment of a candidate. With the recent trends in technology, it can be done online through Skype, zoom, etc.

It is vital for the applicant to anticipate likely questions, develop excellent answers and have enough time to practice before the interview date. See 10 tough job interview questions and answers.

Below are samples of Interview questions frequently asked;

1. Tell me briefly about yourself?

Answers to such questions should be directed towards the applicant’s personal and professional values. Honestly is required, but let your traits be in regards to the position applied for.

2. Do you have the needed qualifications and Charisma to carry out the position you have chosen?

In this, applicants should talk about the things they have done and jobs they have done in relation to your qualifications and personal characteristics.

3. Are you applying for other jobs?

In this, the applicant should be honest, but direct his or her answer to the benefit of the organization.

4. What do you know about the organization?

The applicant may not know everything about the employing firm, but basic knowledge would be an added advantage. Things to look at may include; the industry, their goals, challenges , major competitors, culture and core values.

5. Why do you want to work for us?

It is important for the applicant to research about the company or organization and be certain to join because of what they do. Getting a first hand information can be beneficial.

6. What can you offer us?

This question comes in when employers want to compare the applicants. It still bends down to studying about the organization and knowing what you can offer them in regards to the position applied for.

7. What are your weaknesses?

This, employers ask to know if you are aware of your weakness. Nobody is flawless. Preparing for this can be tough, and as such, the applicant ought to think thoroughly.

8. Why did you leave the first work?

At times, applicants talk about how bad their former working place was. The employer may think you would feel the same if exposed to same experience. You can make reference to the need to explore, get a new and better experience.

These questions can go on and on, but most importantly, questions on salary are always tactical.

9. How much would you like us to pay you?

Most applicants are always put off balance when such questions arise. It is vital to make inquiries about the company’s salary scale before going for the interview. It gives you a better chance to answer better.

Getting a first hand information from someone already working there can also be helpful. More information on responding to salary question during an interview session can be sourced in the site.

Note: Your dressing and carriage matters. See how to dress for a job interview to get hired.

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