How to Answer Salary Questions In Job Interview

Not certain on answers to SALARY question in an interview. Here you will learn how to answer salary questions in job interview. You can also check out 10 tough job interview questions and answers.

how to answer salary questions in job interview
Many people seeking for jobs are always caught in between the thighs when such question of salary comes forth in an interview session.

To avoid sounding greedy, and not losing the opportunity, they tend to be uncertain of what to answer.

At times, telling the interviewer an amount way higher than what is obtainable might make the person see you as a greedy money seeking person, who cannot be trusted with finances.

On the other hand, when you go below, you might end up regretting after knowing the real deal.

Why the salary question?

The salary question might look ordinary, but an interview climate can be altered by that question. Companies ask the above question for the reasons below;

  1. PAYABILITY: Companies hiring, wish to know if such person could be paid, to avoid wasting their time and resources in the recruitment process.

  2. VALUE: At times, job seekers tend to place so much importance in money other than the job, which might serve as n avenue to develop and do exploits. For such, companies would want to know about this.

  3. PROVOCATIVE QUESTIONING: They often use that to know the extent at which the job seeker had researched about the company.

How to Answer Salary Questions In Job Interview

Below are guides to answering Salary questions in an interview session;

1. Do Research

Seek more information about the company’s payment structure and this will give you an edge ahead of others. This can be sourced through MySalaryScale or an already employed personnel.

2. Previous Salary

Quoting previous salary can be helpful as it sets the standard for the interviewer to decide.

3. Using a Range

This allows you to be more flexible when it comes to discussing salary. Use a moderate range.

Below are certain responses;

“from my previous experience and level of education, with the demands of the job, I think giving me #100,000 to #150, 000 won’t bad. How does it match to what is obtainable here?”

“According to the research made, it’s clear that the company pays within the range of #100,000 to #150,000.”


The question might be tricky, but always be prepared for this before going for an interview.

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