Monthly Salary Of Members Of The Nigeria House Of Representative

Nigeria House of Representative

Nigeria has a legislative body known as the National Assembly, which is made up of several chambers. The House of Representatives has the least legislative authority of the three chambers. The Nigerian House of Representatives The House of Representatives is made up of 360 members who are responsible for making legislation, performing oversight tasks, and … Read more

10 Top Paying Construction Jobs In Nigeria (See Their Salaries)

Top Paying Construction Jobs

When the issue of “Construction” comes up, many professions come to mind; sometimes it’s architects and engineers, and other times it’s project managers, carpenters, masons, and laborers. The truth of this sector is that all jobs are critical to finishing a project. To complete each job, construction workers must combine physical labor, skills, teamwork, safety, … Read more

Highest-Paying Law Enforcement Jobs In Nigeria

Law Enforcement Jobs

Whether you’re new to the law enforcement industry or have been working for a while, you should look for a well-paying law enforcement job. We are delighted to inform you that there are numerous high-paying positions available in law enforcement. Searching for high-paying law enforcement jobs may be of interest to you, therefore we will … Read more

List Of The Highest Paying Jobs In Sports

Highest Paying Jobs In Sports

If you have a passion for sports, a career in the sports industry can be rewarding and profitable even if you are not a sports player. Athletic ability is not required to pursue a career in sports. Depending on your strengths and career objectives, you may consider a wide range of sports occupations. Knowing what … Read more

Salary Scale Of Telecom CEOs In Nigeria

Telecom CEOs In Nigeria

The Nigerian telecommunications business is growing, with various thriving companies such as MTN, Airtel Nigeria, Globacom, and 9mobile. Each of these companies has a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who oversees the company’s ownership, operations, and strategic direction. The CEOs of these companies are typically regarded as powerful figures in the business world as well as … Read more

NDLEA New Salary Structure And Rank

See NDLEA Salary Structure

NEW NDLEA SALARY STRUCTURE – Are you looking forward to join or work for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency? If ‘yes’, it might interest you to know the new NDLEA salary structure, allowances and ranks. He we will reveal the NDLEA Salary Structure for the NDLEA operatives. Without a doubt, most candidates interested in … Read more

FRSC New Salary Structure Based On Ranks

FRSC Salary

Do you want to know how much the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) pays its officers? If ‘yes’, keep reading as we show you the new FRSC salary structure. You may also like to apply for FRSC recruitment. The paramilitary has a special structure at which their salary is being disbursed. Although the structure is usually … Read more

Lagos State Civil Service Salary Structure

One of the most important workforces in Nigeria and Lagos state is made up of government servants. This is due to the fact that they are a part of various groups that are in charge of offering crucial services like healthcare, education, infrastructure, and public security to the residents of Lagos State. Additionally, civil servants … Read more

Night Manager Salary Scale In Nigeria

Any business that provides a 24-hour service will undoubtedly require the assistance of overnight employees, and in order to do proper administrative tasks, they will require a Night Manager. The main task will be to monitor the nighttime activity. The majority of nighttime jobs begin at 10 p.m. and end at 6 a.m., therefore all … Read more