Lagos State Civil Service Salary Structure

One of the most important workforces in Nigeria and Lagos state is made up of government servants. This is due to the fact that they are a part of various groups that are in charge of offering crucial services like healthcare, education, infrastructure, and public security to the residents of Lagos State. Additionally, civil servants contribute to economic growth and development by providing a significant source of tax income for the government. As a result, the state government makes sure that each employee’s yearly income is in line with their job duties.

Lagos State Civil Service Salary Structure

The salary structure used by the Lagos State administration is intended to be fair and satisfactory. Although civil servants’ pay is grade-adjusted, they also receive other compensation and benefits like health insurance and pension programs. According to factors like educational background and professional experience, the civil service grades vary from 1 to 17, as described below:

  • Grade level 1 – 5 – O’level certificate holders

  • Grade level 6 -Ordinary National Diploma

  • Grade level 7 – NCE

  • Grade level 8 –

  • Grade level 9 – Additional professional courses.

  • Grade 10 – 17 – Promotion based on merit

Lagos State Civil Service Annual Salary

The total quantity of money a civil servant makes in a year, before taxes or other deductions, is referred to as annual income. Workers frequently use this measure to evaluate the state of the company’s finances, budgeting, and long-term planning. According to their grades and levels, Lagos State government employees receive the following yearly salaries:


Annual Income Range


N745,000 -N980,00


N750,000 – N1,070,700


N 765,000 – N1,154,490


N805,300 – N1,270,600


N920,170 – N1,457,400


N1,130,856 – N1,786,968


N1,516,600 –  N2,327,350


N1,973,208 –  N2,936,929


N2,350,828 – N3,469,888


N2,738,160 – N3,900,,450


N 3,105, 200 – N4,327, 320


N3,138,800 –  N4,550,162


N3,531,650 – N5,007,857


N3,906,216 – N5,495,424


N4,326,445 –  N6,026,603


N4,785,252 –  N6,828,528


N5,359,332 –  N7,654,176

It is significant to remember that Lagos State civil employees must pay taxes on their yearly salaries, which can result in a projected annual net income. Another metric that people use to assess their financial situation is projected yearly net income, but all costs and taxes must have been deducted. The amount of taxes paid in Nigeria is governed by the country’s tax rules and regulations and is typically deducted from a civil servant’s gross salary. For instance, a civil servant may be liable to a 20% tax rate if their gross salary (the actual quantity of money paid to them by the state government) is N2,000,000 per year. This would result in a tax liability of N 400,000 leaving them with a projected annual net income of N1,600,000.

Bonuses and Allowances

One noteworthy component of the compensation package for Lagos state civil service employees is allowances and bonuses. Because they are extra benefits that government servants can receive on top of their base pay, they are frequently referred to as the “icing on the cake.” These compensations consist of:

  • Transport allowance

  • Utility Allowance

  • Entertainment Allowance

  • Meal Subsidy

  • Leave Grant

The state government of Lagos places a high priority on timely payment of salaries and job security, so civil servants there are usually in excellent standing. The introduction of pension plans and the regularization of contracts are just two of the initiatives the government has put in place to improve the welfare of civil employees. Working in the public service may “sometimes” have some drawbacks, but in many cases the advantages outweigh the drawbacks, making it a desirable option for many people.

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  1. This is totally not true, the bonuses you mentioned are included in the gross salary and the gross you wrote down is slightly exaggerated, a level 10 step 5 annual gross salary is about 1,700,000 naira instead of the 2.7 to 3.9 million you stated… please get your fact right before publishing what you dont know, also there is no level 11 in the civil service… thanks


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