CBN P-AADS Loan Scheme Online Application

CBN P-AADS Loan Scheme: The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is inviting applications from Nigerian farmers to benefit from its Private Accelerated Agriculture development Scheme (PA-AADS). This private sector-driven funding is targeted at helping farmers with land clearing, irrigation, building of laboratory and stage facilities, and also support infrastructure for domestic commodities.

What are the Goals of the CBN P-AADS Loan?

• To provide funding for private sector agricultural production of staple foods and industrial raw materials.

• To support for security, job creation, and economic expansion.

Who is Eligible for Participation in CBN PA-AADS Loan Scheme?

• Processors of agricultural commodities.

• Participants under the Anchor Borrowers Programme(ABP) with a roof of contiguous and availability for clearing and cultivation.

• Companies and persons with proof of ownership of contiguous land readily available for clearing and cultivation of agricultural produce.

What are the Focal Commodities?

Oil Palm, Cocoa, Livestock, Sorghum, Fish, Poultry, Wheat, Tomato, Cassava, Rice, Maize and other products listed by the CBN.

What is the Criteria for Eligibility?

• Applicant firm must be into agricultural production.

• Must own not over 20 hectares of contiguous lands.

• Good credit record.

• Must be ready to provide required collateral for participation.

• You must show proof of capacity to cultivate the products listed or as may be listed by the CBN.


Private Accelerated Agriculture development Scheme funding will be done through the Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP).

Loan Limit, Tenor and Interest Rate

• N2, 000, 000 (Two Million Naira Only). This loan credit will be repaid from the Economics of Production (EOP) for cultivating farmland.

• Annual crops are 6 years with 6 months moratorium while perennial crops are 10 years with1 year moratorium.

• Interest rate is 5.0% and 9%.


The collateral to be provided by participants shall be of the cleared land and other approved collateral prescribed by CBN. Meanwhile, APB/CBN shall be liable for 50% of the credit risk if a participant defaults.

Loan Repayment

This shall be done on an installment basis via the taking part banks and spread over EOP of the cultivated products. Then the banks shall remit repayment received to the CBN on a quarterly or annual basis, based on the product financed.

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