4 Things To Do If Your Phone Cannot Switch ON

Have you ever had to struggle to power on your smartphone after it abruptly switched off by itself without being successful at it? This can be very frustrating, especially now that most smartphones batteries are no longer removable like we used to have in the early days of smartphones. Just imagine how painful and frustrating it will be if you are expecting a very important call and just as the call comes in, your phone goes off.

When such incident takes place, a lot of phone users often look confused, agitated and panicky as there can’t remove and fix the battery back to see if it will come on like it used to happen in those days. Well, if you have had this ugly experience before now, and you were left angry and frustrated for a long time before the phone came back on, we assure you will no longer have to wait for long if it ever happens again. In this article, we will show you 4 things to do immediately if your phone cannot start. These four things have been put to test over time and they have proven to be very successful and restoring your phone’s power.

1. Power Button

Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds and wait for a short time to display on the screen. If your power button is in good working shape and in the right position. If it doesn’t come up, then go for the number two below.

2. Phone Charger

Connect your phone charger to a power supply source and plug it to the phone. If it cannot charge, remove the battery if it is the removable type. But if it is not, feel the battery connector with your tongue. Should you feel any substance like ash, it means that your battery is due for replacement with another one. If, however, you don’t feel anything, then you have to replace your phone’s charging port or down the board as phone engineers call it. If all this fails, take the phone to a mechanic.

3. Phone Screen

Sometimes the screen of your phone might be damaged without you knowing about it. For this reason, the phone can come up yet you cannot detect that, because not all damage screens show sign of defects such as cracks. Replace your screen upon confirmation of it being damaged.

4. Visit a Phone Mechanic

If you have run all the necessary checks and the phone still cannot come on, the last step is to take the phone to a good phone mechanic for technical checks to be run on it. Do not fix the phone by yourself as that might cause extended damage to the phone.

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