‘Check Exit’ Section On NEXIT Portal – What It’s All About

Did you enroll for NEXIT? Are you familiar with the portal, and have done all the necessary updates? Are you in any way confused about the dashboard/profile? This post was created to make the various status processes more user-friendly to you.

Successful applicants of the NEXIT empowerment program are surprise to see the status which says “Check Exit”, on their dashboard.

This shouldn’t be an Issue as they aren’t going to exit all applicants that applied, more also they are even yet to kick start the empowerment. Likewise, more stages are expected to surface as the process is still ongoing.

Sections on the NEXIT Portal

The profile of each applicants have the following sections;

  1. Record update

  2. Edit

  3. Check Exit

Record Update Status

The record update status seen on the profile is meant for a candidate to provide answers to various questions asked, and also to give extra information that will put such candidate ahead of the numerous applicants. You can Click Here to read more about the Record Update.

Edit Status

In the edit status part, you will gain access to some personal information inputted by you, and make changes easily on possible session.

Check Exit Status

The “Check Exit” status is the major concern here, as most applicants are still surprised to come across the word EXIT again. This is a word no Npower beneficiary wants to come across, but be rest assured that it means well this time around.

The Check Exit status is where successful applicants can ascertain the progress of their applications.

Currently, all applicants who have clicked on the “Check Exit” status will see the inscription PENDING. This means that the process is in progress, and as soon as you are certified for the empowerment your status will definitely change. Although, the next step of the CBN empowerment program will determine what will be seen, whenever the “Check Exit” button is being clicked.

The program has several criteria that must be met, and already made known the set of persons that won’t be part of the empowerment. These persons include;

  • Those that are more than forty (40) years of age.
  • Those that quit the Npower program.

Therefore, the “Check Exit” status should not be a concern for fear, rather a tool to access the progress of your application.

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