How To Rectify Email Verification Issues on NEXIT Portal

Are you finding it difficult to verify your email on NEXIT portal? This post provides the best ways to solve email verification issues on NEXIT portal. Ever since the registration on NEXIT portal started, a lot of complains had been received from applicants.

The empowerment program is one that needs to be taken serious, with instructions being followed, so as to enjoy the benefits coming from CBN via the program at the end.

Email Verification Issues on NEXIT Portal

One of the major problem applicants face is that of EMAIL VERIFICATION of not receiving any mail from the portal after the completion of the registration process.

From our findings, this issue is mainly encountered by YAHOO mail users. But the only resort is to follow the steps below;


  1. Visit the NEXIT portal again and login.
    [Click here to access the portal]

  2. Click on resend verification.

  3. Check your email to confirm if it has been sent.


If the first step didn’t work out, you can still send the given information below to their management team via

N-Power Registration number:

First Name:

Middle Name:


Date of Birth:


State of Residence:

LGA of residence:

Address when registering for the N-Power program:



Old Email Address:

New Email address:

Phone Number:

Note: This is coming from the support team of the program, and without doubt they are ready to make swift remedy to affected applicants account.

We believe you have been enlightened on the possible solutions to the above problem. You can ask any question by making use of the comment box below.

20 thoughts on “How To Rectify Email Verification Issues on NEXIT Portal”

  1. Good morning my is that I mistakenly space my email address when I was registering npower portal an is affecting me seriously now the mistake is stellaukpe2016 and this the correct one please help me out

  2. Thanks for the information,I have submitted my details to the support team and to update but have not received any response regarding the new email,so as to complete my next registration

  3. I’m getting response, now my problem is I have not received any congratulate letter that I have successfully been verified for the first registration.

  4. Iam an npower benefiery but I could not have access to nexitportal for the registration, I hope our complaint will be old gmail has not been used for long so I have to recover my gmail through new gmail which is presently working now.see it below for getting my problems solved.thanks

  5. Happy new year to all, please I receive the mail for nexit portal and my email has being verify, what is the next stage. Do i suppose to field another form after the verification of my e-mail? Like update record? I need an answer

  6. I aM still have Problem for my email which is naij mail and currently now aren’t working in Nigeria.i send a several messages TO support N-SIP but stii no any response to me

  7. I have tried to login to the NEXIT portal but I am told that my name is not a beneficiary. Secondly, my close friend and I have been using the same email, since he was not an Npower beneficiary at that time but later become an Npower beneficiary in the second batch and used the same email. What should I do?

  8. I am using Gmail, but each time I login in nexit portal it keeps telling me that the email and password is not valid to the beneficiary, pls what should I do, thanks

  9. Have have sent messages to the support team severe times but no reply,I have issues with my email and I can’t access the email again ,pls try and help me out,do they have help line

  10. The mail am operating is a yahoo mail and very functional but till now there is no verification code sent, please any way forward or assistant.

  11. Am I sending it through email if want to complain? And must it be through the email I want to change to?
    Where will I see my feedback?


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