Comedian Funny Bros Biography, Cars And Current Net Worth

Fast-rising Nigerian comedian Funny Bros is well-known for the sketches he creates and posts on his social media channels.

The comic is much more than just someone who creates amusing sketches and distributes them online, though.

You ought to be aware of all the intriguing details concerning the talented young Nigerian comedian.

Biography/Early Life

Ugochukwu Onwuka Richard, better known by his stage name Funny Bros, was born in Anambra State on July 26, 2000. However, his upbringing was difficult because he was raised by his parents in Aba, Abia State, before his mother went away.

In Abia State, he earned his first diploma for finishing high school as well as his senior secondary diploma. He then went to Abia State University in Uturu to further his studies in physical science.

Funny Bros Comedy Career

He began his profession in skit-making in 2019 while still studying a Physical Science degree at Abia State University. He is well-known for using phrases like “Ikotaram,” “Onwe Otu Ihea Shi Eme,” “Onye Kwuru that thing,” and numerous more.

If you examine his comedic delivery, you’ll see that Oga Sabinus, also known as Mr. Funny, had a significant effect. He had trouble at first getting people’s attention, but over time, his fan following grew.

Although he performs his skits primarily in English, he also incorporates Igbo into them. Another distinctive aspect of his skits is that they always take place in a bush or village.

When his fans began disseminating his information on numerous social media platforms in 2021, his fame soared.

He began his comic career by singing a few songs like;

  • Account Number Funnybros.
  • Oru nakwu ugwo Funnybros
  • Odiram Easy Yung Daddy
  • Enwe Otu Oshi Mee

He has also won some awards since he started, like;

  • The “best content creator of the year” 2021 of the Physical Science Faculty in ABSU.

Funny Bros Automobiles

1. Toyota Camry

The Nigerian comedian just purchased a Toyota Camry for himself.

The Toyota Camry 2010 model is a mid-size sedan with a reliable engine, a comfortable ride, and a roomy interior.

2. 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK350

Funnybros Comedy, a rapidly developing content creator from Nigeria, has joined the group of comedians who own a 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK350 as well as celebrities who purchased cars in 2022.

Funny Bros Current Net Worth

As a rising comic, the majority of his money has come from his skit-writing business and ability to influence corporate decisions. His current estimated net worth is $30,000.

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