Computer Professional Registration Council Nigerian Recruitment 2022/2023 Update

As for many who would want to be a part of the computer professional registration council of Nigerians, this is to inform you that the commencement of the program for 2022 is currently on. Nevertheless, with this article, you will be updated on all it takes to be a part of the program. Remember, it is both for graduate and undergraduate students. So don’t be left behind or be deceived that it is not yet out. Computer Professional Registration Council Nigerian

About the Nigerian Computer Professional Registration Council

The Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria was established by Degree No. 40 of 1993. It was made officially on June 10 and published on August 9 of the same year.

It is a well-known corporate entity that aims to control all the computing professions in the country and be a legal entity that improves individuals’ ability to the standards used and it advancement. As such, computer users are always supervised.

There are other duties that the body carries out that are:

  1. To determine what level of knowledge and skills a person seeking to enter the computer profession should obtain and to improve such an individual’s standards on a regular basis as they receive extensive supervision.

  2. To ensure the applicant seeking to be part of the program is well registered with the program degree, bringing the person into the public to be employed by people.

  3. To ensure other aspects are done in accordance with the degree, take responsibility for the following:

I. The organization of computing practice in the country.

They control the practice of computing in the country.

III. They see regular surveillance of the practice of computing in the country.

iv. To determine what kind of person is qualified to engage in the computing profession through screening using computer facilities and even the provision of professional services in the country.

V. Ensuring a high  computing professional ethnic and professionalism standard, discipline and so on.

Vi. Determines quality academic standards in computing, which includes computer science, computer engineering, information science, and so on.

Vii. They hold the right to accredit institutions, courses, and programs that have to do with computing and the evaluation of certificates in computers.

Viii. Conducting professional examinations in computing by collaborating with other bodies outside of the council but of the same mindset

Ix. Bring the activities of the program to the public by creating regular awareness. Finally,

X. Regular updating of the public on its registration and other computing professional work involved in books, journals, magazines, newsletters, and so on.

Source: Nyscinfo

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  1. Good day Sir
    please I will like to register and be a member but the issue am having now is that i just registered for NYSC Batch A 2022, so I just want to know when is the registration, and is it in all the states in Nigeria?


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