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Content Creators On Facebook & Instagram To Earn Reward From 2022

Are you one of those Facebook and Instagram users who always post genuine contents on the platform? Do you want to be paid as a creative content creator on Facebook throughout the year 2022 and beyond? If ‘yes’, then go through this post to see the plans the CEO of Facebook has put in place, to ensure millions of content creators get rewarded.

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The brain behind the social media platform called Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has openly unveiled his intention of bringing forth a reward programme through which millions of content creators who are using Facebook and Instagram to present their works, can be paid.

According to him, investing in creators isn’t new to his team, but that he really wants to expand this aspect overtime. The program will begin and run through the year 2022, with over one billion US Dollars ($1,000,000,000) to be invested on those who create plagiarism free content on Facebook and Instagram.

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The platform to be built will definitely be the best, as a lot of persons will earn a living from it.

Additionally, the CEO of Facebook recently supported a brain-computer interface project, where a participant with serious speech loss could communicate via a device that works by decoding signals from the brain.

The project is actually one of a kind, seeing speech being made with the help of a machine, that converts signals from a human motor cortex to his/her vocal tract, which at the end produces sounds.

More is yet to surface from neuroscience, as long as there is massive support towards their inventions, which the CEO of Facebook will be part of while developing his own brands.

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