Cost of Tinted Glass Permit In Nigeria – See how to Apply

Because of the incessant inquiries from our readers about the cost of obtaining a car tinted permit in Nigeria and how they can apply to the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) and be granted a tinted permit. We have put together this article to beam light on the processes involved in getting a tinted permit in Nigeria. As you may have known, every Nigerian who intends to drive around in a tinted vehicle is required by the law to get a permit from Nigerian Police to avoid being arrested and prosecuted.

What is tinted glass permit?

Tinted glass permit is a document issued by the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) to vehicle owners as a form of clearance to get the glass of their vehicles tinted and be used lawfully. Using tinted glass without this official certification by the police could amount to breaking of the Nigerian law, and this can lead to arrest and prosecution in a law court.

NPF Tinted permits sample

Below is the sample;

NPF Tinted glass permit sample


Requirements for obtaining a tinted glass permit in Nigeria

Below are the requirements to get tinted permit in Nigeria:

  • Interested applicants must show proof of car ownership.
  • Must show proof that you are applying for the permit over personal security reasons. However, well-known people in the society, such as celebrities, footballers, musicians and politicians, could easily get it because of their status.
  • A proven health condition can be a reason sufficient to be granted tinted glass permit, especially if it is one that is susceptible to direct sunlight.

How to Apply for tinted glass Permit in Nigeria

Below is the process to get a tinted permit in Nigeria;

1) Visit the Nigerian Police portal on

2) Login in with the email address you submit and the application ID that appears.

3) Fill in your bio-data form and all the details of the car that are required.

4) Print the form and take it to any Police Command for the capturing of your biometrics and the approval of your Tinted Permit Certificate.

Once you have followed through on all the points listed above, you are a ready to go. Meanwhile, you can seek more information on this by sending a mail to Note that tinted permit is only issued to vehicles with factory-fitted glasses.

What is the cost of tinted glass permit in Nigeria?

Originally, the tinted permit ought not to be paid for. But for the kind of country we are, you may have to pay between N10,000 and N20,000 to get it done.


Like we have stated earlier, it is illegal to drive around in a tinted vehicle in Nigeria. to save yourself of embarrassment and harassment; you should apply for the permit so you can move around unhindered.

Source: Nyscinfo

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