How To Apply For Decagon Software Training Program 2021

The Decagon Software Training Program SQ009 is an initiative of Decagon institute, which is a leadership training and software engineering school where those who desired world class skills accompanied with topnotch practicals are groomed.

Those who successfully pass through this institute are known to be qualified software engineers and developer, as long as they wish to venture into the career.

As of current, the institute is accepting, interested, and qualified persons in Nigeria to apply for its 2021 Software Training Program.

About the Program

Title: Decagon Software Training Program SQ009.

Duration: The potential software engineers will be trained for a duration of six (6) months.


  1. Posses any of the following qualifications; HND, BSc, or Masters.

  2. Posses either NYSC discharge certificate or exemption letter.

  3. Have a trustworthy guarantor.

  4. Have exceptional academic, professional, and personal performance.

  5. Should be a fast learner.

  6. Be determine to work and progress as a software engineer.

How to Apply Decagon Software Training Program

The application process is being carried out online via

Closing Date: The deadline for application is on the 18th of July 2021.

Source: Nyscinfo

1 thought on “How To Apply For Decagon Software Training Program 2021”

  1. shizzi d legionite

    i’ve been trying to get into decagon for a really long time, and i have also been filling out their forms online
    I read a post on Google that said they took only 440 out of 80,000 students, which means its a very prestigious institution and its very hard to get admitted into.
    i’m really starting to lose interest in this………………..

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