How To Check Vehicle Plate Number Owner In Nigeria

Plate number is a means by which vehicles ownership can be identified by the government, law enforcement agencies and the owner himself. While it serves as the owner’s identity, it also helps in protecting the vehicle in cases of theft. Therefore, a vehicle plate number is an official legal identity given to a person who owns the vehicle.

Sample of Nigeria vehicle plate number

Below is the sample;

How To Check Vehicle Plate Number Owner In NigeriaThe plate number is made of a metal material and it comes in a flat design. It is compulsory for all the vehicles in Nigeria to have a plate number. It is issued by the Nigerian Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC).

How to check car plate number owner in Nigeria

There are many platforms through which one can verify or confirm the originality of a vehicle plate number. This includes direct contact with FRSC, SMS and through online database. No matter the medium you use, you will be given the same accurate information.

Notwithstanding, the best way to verify the authenticity is if you know how to verify the ownership of a plate number in Nigeria.

How to check vehicle plate number in Nigeria

Below are the ways you can check the owner of a plate number in Nigeria:

  1. If you want to verify the owner of a plate number, the first thing to do is to contact the police. Inform the police why you are seeking to know the identity of the car owner. For example, if you are robbed and you can pick out the number of the vehicle that were used by the robbers.

  2. Ask the police to give you a report which allows you to reserve the privilege to determine property name of the owner of the plate number.

  3. You can visit the FRSC office and inquire about the ownership of the said plate number.

However, advancement of technology has made it easy for anyone to verify/check owner of a vehicle through plate number.

How to check plate number online

  • Visit the FRSC website on,
  • Click on “Number plate confirmation,”
  •  Input the number of the plate you want to verify,
  • Click on “Submit”.

How to check plate number by SMS

  • Open your SMS app.
  • Send “verifyplateno” to 33324.
  • The SMS should be typed this way verifyplateno SA123LND then send to 33324.


There are indeed many ways to verify ownership of a plate number. You may choose to use the medium that is most convenient for you.

Source: Nyscinfo

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