How To Register A Vehicle In Nigeria | Documents Needed

Every day in Nigeria, vehicles are being bought and it is extremely important for the vehicles to be registered appropriately in other to allow the owner to have a valid plate number and use their cars legally in Nigeria. All vehicles, newly bought or imported into Nigeria, by law, must be registered.

Besides the reason for security and ownership identity, which causes the registration of a vehicle, there is the part where traffic officials arrest and impound vehicles for violating traffic regulations, as well as when it is discovered such vehicles do not have registration documents.

For these reasons and more, the importance of registering a vehicle in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. Before we go fully into discussing the registration, it is important you know that Lagos and Abuja have the most expensive plate number charges in Nigeria.

Documents required for vehicle registration in Nigeria

  • Drivers Licence
  • Valid ID card or,
  • Passport/National ID Proof of address

How to register a vehicle in Nigeria

What are the processes for registering a vehicle in Nigeria in 2021:

1) Visit the SBIR/MLA office.

2) Get the plate number allocation form and fill it.

3) Fill in the necessary information.

4) Submit with original copies of the documents required.

5) Pay the plate number fee.

6) After this, your vehicle will be physically inspected by the Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO).

Upon the certification of your vehicle, you will be given:

• Road Worthiness Certificate.

• Proof of Ownership Certificate (POC).

• Vehicle Identification Tag (VIT).

• Plate Number.

Get a car insurance. This is a very important aspect of car registration. The car insurance in Nigeria comes in two forms:

• Third Party Auto Insurance Cover

• Comprehensive Auto Cover

Provide the following documents for FRSC verification:

For brand new vehicles,

• Drivers licence

• Auto insurance policy

• Attestation letter from the car dealer

• Car invoice

• Delivery note from the car dealer

• Passport photograph

• Motor Vehicle Duty Certificate

• Proof of address (address on utility bill)

For fairly used (Tokunbo)

• Certificate of Entry

• Payment Schedule

• Engine Number

• Receipt of Purchase

• Terminal Delivery Order

• Vehicle Releasing Invoice

• Passport Photograph


Upon the completion of verification, the FRSC authority will send your documents to the police for stamping and signing.

Source: Nyscinfo

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