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5 Countries That Grant Citizenship Easily

Many countries’ citizenships are difficult to get, which is why some governments refuse to offer citizenship to any immigrants. So, in this article, we will focus entirely on countries that easily award immigrants citizenship permits. If you are considering relocating or retiring to another country, this article will assist you in making an informed decision with 5 countries that grant citizenship easily.

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Many people are considering or planning to relocate to another country in order to start a new life and seek a greener pasture, while others are interested in obtaining a passport from a different country today in order to have a second country to retire to and live stress-free with their families, but the major problem most of these people face is citizenship issues, which is why this piece is so important.

Also, many intend to relocate from their current location, most often as a result of unfavorable weather conditions for them as individuals or their businesses. Some people planned to relocate in order to enhance their standard of living and that of their families. Also, some intended relocations may be prepared their minds to take a relocation to such a country after having a trip of such a country and seeing how conducive it is and how lovely and serene such a country is provided with. Check how to get South Africa visa in Nigeria 2021.

5 Countries That Grant Citizenship Easily

Dominican Republic

Countries Grant Citizenship Easily

The Dominican Republic is renowned as one of the countries that provides one of the least stressful citizenship platforms for foreigners. Anyone considering retiring to this country should be assured that his or her pension income will not go below $1,500 US dollars. And someone who has recently immigrated to this country is required to earn at least $2,000 US dollars, and once all of his fundamental requirements have been met, such an individual may apply for permanent residency, which will allow him to apply for citizenship after two years.


Countries Grant Citizenship Easily

Citizenship laws in Canada are less stringent than in other countries. Before you can be awarded a residency visa, you must either find work in this nation or have another source of money. For example, in order to fly to Canada as a skilled immigrant, you must present documentation of $12,164 US Canadian dollars. After obtaining a permanent resident permit, you can apply for citizenship through naturalization after four years of residence in the nation.


Naturalization is a much easier way to become a citizen in this country; all you have to do is dwell in the country for a few years and above, with a total of four years residing in the country for the first eight years. Some of the years of your stay may be waived if you have paperwork to support any history of your parents, grandparents, or family members who came from this nation. Yes, you can trace your ancestors back to Ireland. Despite the fact that inhabitants of the country are not permitted to hold dual citizenship.

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Peru offers a two-year path to citizenship that involves only a small investment and work on your part. This costs $25,000 USD, which you must pay during the next two years, with the option to pay in installments. You can get your residence application accepted in space for 3 months, and you’ll have 6 months to set your affairs in order in your home nation before going to Peru. After two years of residence in this nation, you are eligible to petition for citizenship.


Citizenship in the City-State of Singapore is attainable and deserving of consideration. First and foremost, you must apply for permanent residency in this nation, which you can only do by establishing a business here. If you are unable to start a business, you can marry a Singaporean or apply for a work visa in this nation.


It is crucial to highlight at the end of this article that the aforementioned countries are not the only countries that grant citizenship, but they are listed as one of the countries with the simplest application process. If your preferred country is not included on the list, you can read about it.

Source: Nyscinfo


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