Countries That Grant Citizenship Through Military Service

If you are a Nigerian looking for a means by which you can become a citizen of another country to become a dual citizen, this article will interest you because you are going to find out about countries that can grant citizenship through military service

The advantage of this option, which is available in just a few nations, is that if you follow the regulations, you will be assured a positive outcome—unless you are dishonourably dismissed or involved in a crime while serving.

Countries That Grant Citizenship Through Military Service

Here are some nations to consider for Nigerians who want to try their luck in a foreign army:

  • France

The Foreign Legion is a division of the French army that was founded in the 1830s to preserve and extend the colonial empire. Anyone with a clean criminal background and a valid passport can now join the legion. All you have to do is complete the application process to the letter, and you will be approved to serve in the French Legion in no time.

  • Canada

You may simply join the Canadian army if you already have your permanent residence status. You will be accepted to serve the country immediately after you have applied if the Chief of Defense Staff considers that the recruitment will not jeopardise the country’s national interests. It’s also crucial that you haven’t been a part of any criminal activity before completing your application. Read also Countries that Nigerians Can Buy Citizenship

  • United States

Foreign nationals who are permanent legal residents of the United States are recruited by the US Army. Immigrants from friendly countries can also enrol in the US Army as enlisted troops. Many Nigerians serve in the United States military, some in medical units and others in combat forces. What’s more fascinating is that, as the US withdraws from overseas military operations, such enrolled immigrants may find themselves on reserve, never having to fight. Why not fill out an application?

  • India

Historically, the Indian army recruited Nepalese and Bhutanese natives, but they now now recruit Tibetan refugees and immigrants from African nations such as Malawi, Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and others. One criterion is that the individual being hired must intend to stay in India permanently. There are other terms and restrictions that apply. See List of fake job interview venues you may not make alive

  • Israel

This is one of the countries with the most stringent nationalisation laws, but if you join the Israel Defense Forces, you’ll have a higher chance of naturalising. Non-Israeli Jews and non-Jews are both recruited into the Israeli Defense Forces. However, the hard aspect is that you must have at least one Jew grandparent in order to become a citizen. This isn’t required; it just makes things go faster and easier.

  • New Zealand

We just released an article on the elements that make our country unique, and New Zealand is a country that anyone would like to call home. Anyone who has lived in New Zealand for over 5 years is eligible to join the army and, as a result, is on their road to becoming a citizen. The procedure may take some time, and there are some requirements and criteria that must be followed.

Source: Nyscinfo

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