How to Apply for NYSC Name Correction (Step by Step)

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has made it clear that Corps member will not be registered in orientation camp, if there is disparity in their Name on the Statement of Result and that on the Call-up Letter. Those who have disparity in name should apply for NYSC Name Correction (Addition or Removal) on their dashboard.

If you wish to change or correct wrong name for NYSC mobilization, then you are on the right page. Here we will show you how to apply for correction of name on NYSC portal.

It’s no fun to have a wrong or misspelt name on your documents. This can be a big problem pointing at you if not corrected before going to the NYSC orientation camp. Also check how to correct wrong date of birth at NYSC portal.

How to apply for Name Correction on NYSC portal

Follow the steps below to apply for change of name on your NYSC dashboard:

  1. Go to the NYSC portal,

  2. Login to your dashboard using your registered email and password.

  3. Click “Apply for Change of Name” link on your dashboard.

You can only correct the following mistakes;

  • Spelling error
  • Re-arragement
  • Addition**
  • Removal**


  • Those who need Addition or Removal of names will have to go to their institution’s Student Affair Officer (SAO) who will process online and upload backing documents, for NYSC to take further action.
  • If you have applied for Name re-arrangement and spelling error on your dashboard, be patient, work is ongoing.
  • Addition or Removal of names will not be attended to at the NYSC portal unless your institution follow the lay-down procedures.

Reasons for NYSC Name Disapproval

If NYSC disapprove your name, the reason are:

  • Total change of names.
  • Introduction of new name, not in any of your records.
  • Wrongly application of name correction.
  • Abbreviation of Name.

Kindly ensure your Certificate of National Service (CNS) does not bear a wrong name. Also check out NYSC camp requirements.

If you have question or contribute regarding how to correct name disparity on NYSC portal, kindly ask us in the comment section below.

Source: Nyscinfo

37 thoughts on “How to Apply for NYSC Name Correction (Step by Step)”

  1. Yua faith iwanger

    My name was spelt wrongly from jamb so my statement has the wrong name Iwuange upon registering for my nysc the was room for correction of name so i corrected it to iwanger and my statement of results has the wrong spelling will i be affected but i have an affidavit of my correct name will i be affected

    1. Hi,I have same issue and was advise to swear affidavit..
      I didn’t register for this batch b’cos of the issue, can you keep me updated on how it was resolved in camp

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