NYSC Correction of Date of Birth Application Portal

Do you want to apply for change/correction of Date Of Birth (DOB) on the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Portal? If ‘yes’, kindly note that there are two ways you can do that:  either by NYSC Correction of Date of Birth Applicantion Portal or through Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

The above are two possible ways you can apply for correction of date of birth for NYSC mobilization. Keep reading, as we show you the procedures for each of the two methods.

The National Youth Service Corps usually gives prospective corps members (PCMs) the opportunity to correct a mistake or an error in their date of birth. However, it is no longer news that NYSC exempt graduates who exceed the age of 30 years. You can check out how NYSC calculate age for mobilization to understand how your date of birth is determined by NYSC.

How to correct wrong Date of Birth through JAMB for NYSC mobilization

Since NYSC use information submitted to JAMB to determine date of birth, you can change that information from JAMB before NYSC lay their hand on it.

Visit the nearest JAMB office and request for your date of birth be changed. Then follow their instructions to get it accomplished. After, visit the Students Affairs Directorate in your school to inform them about the correction on your date of birth made by JAMB.

Kindly note that if your date of birth is not correct from JAMB before it gets to NYSC, then you can only correct it at NYSC correction of date of birth portal during or after the NYSC online registration.

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How to correct date of birth on NYSC online portal

Follow the steps below to correct your date of birth;

  1. Purchase WAEC Results Check PIN from any First Bank branch.

  2. Visit the NYSC portal at portal.nysc.org.ng.

  3. Login to your NYSC dashboard with your e-mail and password as used during NYSC registration.

  4. Click “Resume Registration” link.

  5. Click on “Change Date of Birth” button.

  6. Once you click on “Change date of birth”, a page with a form will pop-up.

  7. Fill the form and submit your entries.

Note: You won’t be allowed to edit your date of birth, what NYSC does is to import the date of birth from your WAEC profile into your NYSC profile. That’s why they require WAEC Result Verification PIN. So, if your date of birth on your WAEC is also wrong, there is nothing you can do.

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Exemption due to age mistakes

If you are exempted because a mistake was made on your date of birth, you can use the methods described above to correct it by importing your WAEC Date of Birth to your NYSC profile.

But if the date of birth in your WAEC is still up to 30 years, and NYSC exempts you because of your age. I’m sorry to say the methods described above may not work for you. This is because, even if NYSC import age in your WAEC data, it will still be above 30 years when calculated.

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Note: changing of ‘age’ through NYSC portal does not mean you will be allowed to quote any age. It doesn’t work that. NYSC be like, “if you say you are not up to 30 years or that there is a mistake in your date of birth, then let’s check your WAEC data for confirmation”.

Solution for those exempted because of age, and their WAEC age still above 30

There is no solution for that unless your Institution will help you out, which is against NYSC ethics. NYSC is seriously against age manipulation, so if NYSC find out that your school is manipulating age of their candidates, they will ban them from taking part in the program.

Tips to successfully manipulate date of birth for NYSC mobilization

Warning: the information that I’m are about to disclose now is for educational purpose only. I will not be held responsible if you use it for other purposes.

Since, NYSC calculate age from the information gotten from JAMB, you can do JAMB Regularization to reduce your age on your JAMB profile. Just go to JAMB office and specifically tell them that you want to change your age through regularization.

Once the regularization is completed and you your data validated, then go back to your school and inform them about the change. Your school will update your data on the NYSC portal. Once it is done, bumm! You are good to go.

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  2. Good morning sir mine is that my DOB in my waec is wrong because of that I used my neco result .my DOB in my school NIN and my BVN is 20/08/992 and by grace of God I will graduate this year August which I will be 30yrs .pls will I serve or I need to change DOB pls help me out sir I’m confused.

  3. Good morning, please my NYSC portal is showing Upload ur documents seperately which i have done but no changes takes place. please assist

  4. Minikwu chigweyaru Godgive

    My name is Minikwu c Godgive, NYSC send a massage for me about my correction of date of birth, but I don’t see the massage again. How can I see the massage again pls help

  5. Thank you so much for the explanation on this article.
    Please how long does it take for correction of date of birth to be effected after applying for it?

  6. Thanks for the detailed explanation. However, I have a problem. The Personal Information column on my dashboard does not show “Change D.O.B”, rather it shows “Refresh D.O.B”. How do I go about changing the D.O.B when this occurs?

  7. I need help on how to correct my date of birth

  8. Aboh Anointing Peter

    Please I have a question, my date of birth is 2/5/1992 but when I was doing my registration this is what pop out 1/2/1992 and there was no place given to fix my date of birth, what I notice it was like it was fix automatically, my dashboard is talking about WAEC and am not using waec,is NECO am using,I don’t know if it will affect me because am using NECO and also the YEAR is correct it just the DATE and MONTH that is not, please I need clarity on it.

  9. The date of birth on my WAEC is not correct but the rest are correct and I did jamb regulations, will there still be need to do WAEC verification

  10. Joseph ndidi happiness

    I lost my jamb reg no how do I get it back

  11. Pls I graduated last yr(2019) but I was 30yrs on 30th Nov.2020. I have not registered for NYSC. Pls can I still serve

  12. University degree has a different date of birth and sec school has a different date of birth

  13. It will as they make use of the DOB on ur jamb.. u

  14. Good day, please how do i make course correction from nysc portal…… Studied SLT chemistry my result is written chemistry but was mobilised with biology…. Nd after registration my green card is also showing biology

    1. You can apply for Change of course of study only when the portal is active for registration. You can also change it in NYSC camp which we recommend.

  15. When are we expecting orientation time table

  16. I was able to go to jamb office for change of date of birth. So please what next should I do?

  17. Please mine is to be 1991/08/September, but what is with nysc now is 1988/08/September
    I’m in batch C 2
    Can I also change this at nysc secretariat ??

  18. how to get notification after u registered with WAEC verification FOR THE CHANGE OF DOB? 01/01/1992 BUT MISTAKLY 01/01/1982

  19. Please how can i correct an error on DOB on my exclusion letter.

  20. Abu Sunday Clinton

    The jamb result i used for regulrization was 1990 but wot I was using in school b4 I graduated was 1994. Would it affects my going to service? And also the name written on my jamb print out is James omoh Sunday but my result carries James Sunday omoh wot is the solution please.

    1. Abu Sunday Clinton

      Please i need your reply here.

      1. Opoke Chinonso Nwoba

        Pls somebody should help me ooo, I graduated in 2018 and have not collected my result, once registered for NYSC but EXEMPTION do to age, can affidavit serve to re-register it or by publishing it?

  21. Pls I need your enlightenment on this, I just recently passed out from nysc scheme 2019 batch B (ex-corper)but the problem am having now was that my age was changed on nysc potal, I was born on 16/7/1989,they changed it to 5/7/1992 which was reflected on my nysc certificate and the 16/7/1989 was the age I was using for all my document since I was born pls how can I go about this can I do affidavit and declaration of age to back it up for applying for a job.

    1. Be happy. they helped you reduced your age which will help you in future due to age limit placed on so many jobs. As for how you will change it, it is not possible again.

    2. Pls kunle were do u change ur age I want to change mine .I was born on 1989 but I want to change to 1992. I need ur help.

  22. Dauda Muhammed jayeola

    I have mistake on my DOB during registration instead of 16//April 1991 they put 16 April 1994 how can I go about it. I am serving presently now Batch A 2020

    1. This is not an issue, anyway you can correct it from the NYSC secretariat

      1. Pls sir, i need u to clear me on dis age issue, i graduated last year oct nd nw I’m 30yrs my DOB is 27th of August, will i b affected in nt going for service?

  23. Pls I ve bought d waec verification pin to enable me change my DOB… but d DOB column is not showing on my dashboard… I don’t want to go for service pls.
    For now I ve not printed my call up letter

    1. Pls were do u change ur age I want to change mine .I was born on 1989 but I want to change it to 1992. I need ur help.I I don regularization but it have not been approve ..I need help.

  24. Pls how can I change my date of birth on my dashboard, it supposed to be written as July 15 1998 they wrote June 14 1998…pls how can I change that

  25. I can’t see change of dob on my dashboard and I have completed my registration. I want to get exemption letter, please how do I go about this

    1. If you still want to serve even if you re above 30, I’m at ur service, 07064412700

    2. Danladi Salihu Umar

      I too have the same issue.I want exemption letter so you succeed in changing your own DOB and get the exemption letter please let me know so that I can do same and get the exemption letter.


  26. I changed my age during regularization but all I saw after NYSC registration was certificate of exemption pls Humphrey do I do about it.

  27. I will be graduating this year and I wrote Waec last year, can I use it to correct my date of birth during nysc registration?

  28. Pls. I have only NECO and I wan’t apply for change of date of birth on my JAMB. How can I start?

    1. You can only apply with WAEC

    2. Hello sir, I am a 100 level student. My date of birth on my jamb result is different from the one on the rest of my documents. Will this going to be a problem for me? If so how do I correct it

  29. Usman Kamal Muhammad

    I followed all the steps but my DOB can’t be edited why?

  30. Thanks man. Just left camp 20A batch, actually my date of birth is 25/12/1993. But what I saw on my NYSC dashboard is 26/12/1993. What should I do, bcoz I did fresh regularization when I told the guy about it he said it was going to change back to 25th but right now am still seeing 26th

  31. Mr. Humphery is it possible for one who has regustered with NYSC and is been exempted, do a Jamb regularization to reduce the age and submit to his school. Would he be mobilized again with the new one?

    1. Yes, you can try that way

  32. How will I know my date of birth hv been corrected or will I re-print my green card slip?

    1. You will receive email from NYSC

  33. Hello. I have a common issue with a mistake on my D.O.B and the option of using WAEC result to correct is not working. I want exemptions coz I already made a career decision that won’t give me time to serve. If I click on change DOB on the NYSC portal it just shows the guideline and that’s all

  34. Please sir How long does it take date of birth correction to reflect on dashboard I did mine on 19/3/2020 so that I can with my registration before it closes on 21/3/2020

    1. There is no specific time, just continue with your registration

      1. I can’t continue until the date of birth correction reflect according to the Cyberman,because I need to choose state of redeployment….

      2. I am having same issue, i received a mail on the 29th that mine request has been treated and uptill now it has reflected on my dashboard to enable me continue with my registration

  35. My problem is that my NYSC DOB is incorrect I don have Weac Result am using NABTEB Result how can I go about changing my DOB for NYSC Portal

  36. Good day,pls kindly enlighten me on this matter.My age was changed on my nysc portal,I was born in 4 of may 1989 they change it to 27 may 1997
    I gain admission with neco result although I still sat for weac exam .
    Pls what can I do to

    1. And you are not rejoicing? 1989 can lead to exemption but 1997 is a green ticket to serve. You should be rejoicing unless you are seeking exemption.

  37. Urgent!!! pls,, Nysc made a mistake with my date of birth (Exemption) i have done all the necessary still same old DOB showing .. pls help me

  38. How can I change birth date on my dashboard since I have finished registration for batch A 2020 on my dashboard, and there is no button on change date of birth there ,what can I do before printing out call up????

    1. Change it when you get to camp

  39. Joy
    Pls is urgent,I wrongly registered with wrong birth certificate and I wish to make corrections but I can’t see the change button to click on change date of birth on my dashboard what is there is only change of name,and am done with registration with batch A 2020,what do I do?

  40. Avuakporiaroro Dennis

    I didn’t write waec examination but I took neco examination,how do I apply for the change of date of birth..

  41. Pls I graduated in 2017 and my date of birth is 1990 but due to issues i couldn’t serve by then..Now by march 25 2020 I will be 30yrs and I want to serve with batch b 2020 pls can i serve?

    1. You will serve since you graduated before 30

  42. Mine is a mistake in the day..instead of 10th May,1st May was written
    What is in my Ward cert is my surname,first name and an abbreviation of my middle name (O) and what is in my nysc is the 3 names in full….when changing the date of birth,will it also import my names the way it was written in WAEC

  43. Hello, thanks. My problem is that the wrong date of birth is what is written in my WAEC(GCE) cert… And that was what I used in sch , how do I make such corrections? Will I have to go to Waec office? That’s the age I used to do 100lvl, final year clearance and everything. How do you advise that I resolve this, cause it made me a year older than I actually am. I was thinking of swearing an affidavit along with my birth certificate as proof after I’m done with NYSC

    1. You can only correct it from WAEC office but I don’t think that is possible though.

  44. I did regularization so as to change my course of study. My issue now is that that their is omission of my middle name, incorrect date of birth and incorrect local government.

    My concern is now that will the regularization did of recent rectify those error in name, date of birth and local government through the details given when doing regularization.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. Please, go to the nearest JAMB office to make this enquiry.

  45. Thank you for the article, I had the same problem, how long before it is rectified sir. And hope I can still go to camp with this batch.

    1. Yes, wish you best of luck

  46. Nice article. What of the case where you are 30years & above, have mobilized but yet to register online…..how can this regularization method help you?

  47. morning sir.is.it possible to b postd wt stream 1 and to my husband location because my court wedding is on 24th of dis month dnt want to use church certificate and i wl surely register online on 24th

    1. It is possible but you must provide your marriage certificate

  48. is it possible to b postd within my husband location,am married since last year bt doing my court wedding nextmonth although am going for batch c stream 2

    1. Yes, it is possible

  49. What if you entered with NECO result and not WAEC

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