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Do you want to apply for change/correction of Date Of Birth (DOB) on the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Portal? If ‘yes’, kindly note that there are two ways you can do that:  either by NYSC Correction of Date of Birth Applicantion Portal or through Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

The above are two possible ways you can apply for correction of date of birth for NYSC mobilization. Keep reading, as we show you the procedures for each of the two methods.

The National Youth Service Corps usually gives prospective corps members (PCMs) the opportunity to correct a mistake or an error in their date of birth. However, it is no longer news that NYSC exempt graduates who exceed the age of 30 years. You can check out how NYSC calculate age for mobilization to understand how your date of birth is determined by NYSC.

How to correct wrong Date of Birth through JAMB for NYSC mobilization

Since NYSC use information submitted to JAMB to determine date of birth, you can change that information from JAMB before NYSC lay their hand on it.

Visit the nearest JAMB office and request for your date of birth be changed. Then follow their instructions to get it accomplished. After, visit the Students Affairs Directorate in your school to inform them about the correction on your date of birth made by JAMB.

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Kindly note that if your date of birth is not correct from JAMB before it gets to NYSC, then you can only correct it at NYSC correction of date of birth portal during or after the NYSC online registration.

How to correct date of birth on NYSC online portal

Follow the steps below to correct your date of birth;

  1. Purchase WAEC Results Check PIN from any First Bank branch.

  2. Visit the NYSC portal at portal.nysc.org.ng.

  3. Login to your NYSC dashboard with your e-mail and password as used during NYSC registration.

  4. Click “Resume Registration” link.

  5. Click on “Change Date of Birth” button.

  6. Once you click on “Change date of birth”, a page with a form will pop-up.

  7. Fill the form and submit your entries.

Note: You won’t be allowed to edit your date of birth, what NYSC does is to import the date of birth from your WAEC profile into your NYSC profile. That’s why they require WAEC Result Verification PIN. So, if your date of birth on your WAEC is also wrong, there is nothing you can do.

Exemption due to age mistakes

If you are exempted because a mistake was made on your date of birth, you can use the methods described above to correct it by importing your WAEC Date of Birth to your NYSC profile.

But if the date of birth in your WAEC is still up to 30 years, and NYSC exempts you because of your age. I’m sorry to say the methods described above may not work for you. This is because, even if NYSC import age in your WAEC data, it will still be above 30 years when calculated.

Note: changing of ‘age’ through NYSC portal does not mean you will be allowed to quote any age. It doesn’t work that. NYSC be like, “if you say you are not up to 30 years or that there is a mistake in your date of birth, then let’s check your WAEC data for confirmation”.

Solution for those exempted because of age, and their WAEC age still above 30

There is no solution for that unless your Institution will help you out, which is against NYSC ethics. NYSC is seriously against age manipulation, so if NYSC find out that your school is manipulating age of their candidates, they will ban them from taking part in the program.

Tips to successfully manipulate date of birth for NYSC mobilization

Warning: the information that I’m are about to disclose now is for educational purpose only. I will not be held responsible if you use it for other purposes.

Since, NYSC calculate age from the information gotten from JAMB, you can do JAMB Regularization to reduce your age on your JAMB profile. Just go to JAMB office and specifically tell them that you want to change your age through regularization.

Once the regularization is completed and you your data validated, then go back to your school and inform them about the change. Your school will update your data on the NYSC portal. Once it is done, bumm! You are good to go.

Source: Nyscinfo

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  2. Good morning sir mine is that my DOB in my waec is wrong because of that I used my neco result .my DOB in my school NIN and my BVN is 20/08/992 and by grace of God I will graduate this year August which I will be 30yrs .pls will I serve or I need to change DOB pls help me out sir I’m confused.

  3. Good morning, please my NYSC portal is showing Upload ur documents seperately which i have done but no changes takes place. please assist

  4. My name is Minikwu c Godgive, NYSC send a massage for me about my correction of date of birth, but I don’t see the massage again. How can I see the massage again pls help

  5. Thank you so much for the explanation on this article.
    Please how long does it take for correction of date of birth to be effected after applying for it?

  6. Thanks for the detailed explanation. However, I have a problem. The Personal Information column on my dashboard does not show “Change D.O.B”, rather it shows “Refresh D.O.B”. How do I go about changing the D.O.B when this occurs?

  7. Please I have a question, my date of birth is 2/5/1992 but when I was doing my registration this is what pop out 1/2/1992 and there was no place given to fix my date of birth, what I notice it was like it was fix automatically, my dashboard is talking about WAEC and am not using waec,is NECO am using,I don’t know if it will affect me because am using NECO and also the YEAR is correct it just the DATE and MONTH that is not, please I need clarity on it.

  8. The date of birth on my WAEC is not correct but the rest are correct and I did jamb regulations, will there still be need to do WAEC verification

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