Most Popular Malt Brands and Their Manufacturers in Nigeria

Malt brands refer to commercially produced beverages made from malted grains, typically barley. These beverages are non-alcoholic and are known for their malty flavor. Malt brands often include additional ingredients such as water, sugar, and various flavorings to enhance taste. In this post we shall look into the top malt brands and their manufacturers in Nigeria.

These drinks are popular for their refreshing qualities and are enjoyed by people of different age groups. In the context of Nigeria, malt brands encompass a range of products from various manufacturers, each offering distinct flavors and nutritional benefits.

Nigeria has witnessed a significant rise in the popularity of malt drinks, with various brands catering to diverse consumer preferences. These non-alcoholic beverages are not only refreshing but also offer nutritional benefits.

Top Malt Brands and Their Manufacturers in Nigeria

Here are the top malt brands in Nigeria and their manufacturers:

1. Amstel Malta

Manufacturer: Nigerian Breweries Plc.

Amstel Malta, a renowned malt brand, is produced by Nigerian Breweries Plc., a leading brewery in Nigeria. The brand has gained popularity for its rich taste and nutritional content, making it a preferred choice among consumers.

2. Maltina

Manufacturer: Nigerian Breweries Plc.

Another staple in the Nigerian malt market, Maltina is also crafted by Nigerian Breweries Plc. This malt drink has become synonymous with refreshment and nutritional goodness, appealing to consumers of all ages.

3. Beta Malt

Manufacturer: Consolidated Breweries Limited (now part of International Breweries Plc).

Beta Malt, a product of Consolidated Breweries Limited, stands out for its distinctive flavor and quality. Following a merger with International Breweries Plc., the brand continues to be a favorite among malt enthusiasts.

4. Maltonic

Manufacturer: Champion Breweries Plc.

Champion Breweries Plc. produces Maltonic, a malt brand that has gained a loyal following. Known for its smooth taste and nutritional value, Maltonic has established itself as a key player in Nigeria’s malt beverage market.

5. Grand Malt

Manufacturer: Intercontinental Distillers Limited.

Intercontinental Distillers Limited is the proud producer of Grand Malt, a malt drink celebrated for its unique flavor profile. With a commitment to quality, Grand Malt has become a preferred choice for consumers seeking a distinct malt experience.


The malt beverage market in Nigeria is thriving, offering consumers a wide array of choices to suit their preferences. From the refreshing Amstel Malta to the nutritious Maltina, each brand brings its own unique characteristics to the table. As Nigerian Breweries Plc., Consolidated Breweries Limited, and other manufacturers continue to innovate, the popularity of malt drinks is expected to grow, contributing to the rich tapestry of Nigeria’s beverage culture.

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