CreditAssist Investment Limited Shortlisted Candidates 

Did you apply for creditassist investment limited job? Well, this is to inform you that they have shortlisted the names of their selected candidates for the 2022/2023 program. However, here is the procedure and ways in which you can check if your name is shortlisted.CreditAssist Investment Limited

Note: This is only for those that have applied for it. Otherwise, don’t waste your time trying to check.

Before you scroll down, bear in mind that they have not released this online, but rather you are to patiently wait until it is placed on their official portal. And when this is done, the organization will send you an invitation via email. And if you are unable to log in to their website, check the email address you used when applying for the job; use it and make your discovery as you follow the steps for a successful check of your name.

Having found out you are among the shortlisted candidates, it is expected of you to prepare for the interview as the organization has fixed a date and venue for it. However, this may be a telephone interview or a face-to-face interview, but majorly face-to-face to be sure who has really applied for the job and for you to know your prospective boss. As you go, keep the following in mind:

  1. Attempt to known as much as you can about the organization or company.

  2. Properly know your vision, which is the reason why you think you should be employed.

  3. Be transparent, meaning make it interactive with the interviewer in a polite manner and don’t feel like you are being interrogated or have an inferiority complex.

  4. Be ready to take a mock test that will show your academic performance.

  5. A written offer will be given to you, especially the salary aspect, and while you check, always see if you are comfortable with the information and answer questions needed along side of your asking for your date of resumption, work profile, and duration not written in the details.

  6. Then send your grantitude to the employer as thanks, and if possible, do it with your email.

  7. Always follow up via email, in order to know your resumption date and what roles in the company have been added.

In conclusion, the interview/screening process is done in the state you have applied from, with the organization found in all states in Nigeria.

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