How To Get UNN Transcript (step-by-step guide)

Are you aiming to get the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) transcript? Here are the guidelines prepared for your benefit, and with some related answers to questions often asked by students about the University of Nigeria Nsukka students’ transcript.Unn transcript

Generally, the Nigerian University transcript is a comprehensive documentation of a student’s permanent academic records, which includes courses taken by the student, records of grades, the student’s awards (honors received) and degree awarded to the student, which can also be used by the student as a reference on success gotten while in school.

This is usually done online and requires the candidate to pay between N10,000 and N15,000, which is the UNN transcript form price, including delivery charges. The payment can be made using your ATM card, or you can make the payment in the bank using the generated RRR. Only when the system has confirmed your matriculation number that you can proceed to make payment.

How to get UNN transcript

Follow the steps below to request for transcript from UNN:

  1. Visit the UNN transcript portal at

  2. Create a Transcript Profile.

  3. Enter your Matriculation number into the portal to start the registration process.

  4. Click on the box to follow the instructions as a beginner, but if you have previously applied and paid, just skip it and click on Confirm after supplying the necessary information.

  5. The request for payment will be open, and you can choose to pay with local or foreign currency.

  6. You are expected to fill in the required information in the space provided.

  7. Wait for confirmation that your details are summited, then print out your transcript request/verification slip.

  8. Finally, wait for UNN to notify you via email.

How long does it take UNN to send the transcript?

The truth is that it doesn’t take much time to receive your transcript from UNN, which is normally a day to three days after confirmation of payment and verification.

What to do when you lose your transcript

In a case where you have lost your UNN transcript slip, kindly put a call across to the management of the school or send an email explaining how you lost it and demanding a duplicate of the slip, which, if lucky enough, will be issued and, if not, you will then know how to go about it afresh.

Source: Nyscinfo

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