Degrees With Guarantee Job Opportunities In The UK

Regardless of our motive, we must eventually select a degree that ensures a better financial future. The competition is more intense in some niches than in others.

As a result, in some cases, the financial advantages will take precedence over others. Given that, you could favor a degree that opens up a wide range of work prospects and high salaries.

Because of the complexity of the employment market movements, any predictions will always be based on probabilities. However, it can help us make one of the most significant decisions of our lives—the selection of what university degree to pursue.

To help guide our readers to study courses that will position them for the best paid career opportunities in the United Kingdom (UK), we have researched and listed in this article, the top degree programmes that can guarantee you a high-paying job in the UK after your graduation.

Data Speaks

In 2016, the HESA’s Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) program conducted a survey and data on bachelor’s degree recipients six months following their graduation was required for the survey. According to the survey’s findings, 54.8% of bachelor’s degree holders who worked in the UK did so full-time, while 12% did it part-time.

The following results show the sectors where graduates work:

  • Education professionals (6.5%)
  • Marketing, PR and sales professionals (7.5%)
  • Business, HR and finance professionals (10%)
  • Retail, catering, waiting, and bar staff (11.1%)
  • Health professionals (16.9%)

Degrees That Guarantee A Job In The United Kingdom

1. Economics

Economics graduates in the UK are in high demand in the employment market. Individuals, businesses, and cooperative organizations all require the services of qualified economists to keep their organization’s finances stable. As a result, if you have this kind of degree, you will have a ton of chances available to you once you graduate.

Economists are among the highest paid workers in terms of prospective earnings because of the unfathomable value of their work. UK government statistics show that economics graduates make more money than other degree holders. An economist typically makes a net salary of £40,000 per year.

2. Architecture

Professionals with an architecture degree are in great demand in the UK. The day when building and designing homes was not considered a major priority is long past. Nowadays, everyone requires an expert architect’s services to create their building project. Professionals with a strong academic background in architecture are in high demand on the job market as the business is evolving quickly.

3. Education

The UK gives the education sector one of its highest priorities. To ensure that students improve and succeed in their academic endeavors, the British government is devoted to raising the standard of education in the nation and upgrading the university infrastructure.

Once you have earned your education bachelor’s degree, you will be qualified to instruct students in educational settings. Many public and private schools in the UK are on the lookout for exceptional education graduates to fill a variety of jobs within the institution. You will also have a lot of chances outside of the institution, and the employability rate for graduates in the UK’s education sector is relatively high.

People today strive to develop structures that are above ideal norms and stand out in their display. Professional architects are required to accomplish this.

4. Engineering

In the UK, engineering graduates are among the most employable and well-paid workers available. Engineering graduates in the UK are eligible for a wide range of perks.

The most employable engineering degrees in the UK are found in the following fields:

  • Construction Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering

5. Law

Beyond national borders, the UK’s legal degrees have earned recognition, so no matter where you wind up after completing your university studies, your prospects of landing a well-paying job are good. Law graduates in the UK can work as a barrister, advocate, solicitor, legislative analyst, or patent attorney, among other positions.

Law graduates are also well-suited for positions that are not directly related to the practice of law. A law graduate is thought to make an average salary of £35,000 a year.

Law graduates from UK colleges pursue professional certifications like the Legal Practice Course (LPC) or the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). This gives them access to the countless opportunities in their industry.

6. Computer Science And IT

Graduates in computer science and information technology are very employable in the British market because there is a great need for programmers, web developers, and IT specialists. IT professionals and tech staff make an average income between 20,000 and 30,000 GBP.

You should be aware that not all IT or computer science graduates immediately begin working in their field of concentration. Because after completing their Bachelor’s degree, the majority must seek a Master’s degree to enhance their skill set and boost their employment position.

7. Business Administration And Management

Unsurprisingly, degrees in business administration and management are included. One of the highest-paying professions in the UK for a long time has been business administration and management.

Business administration graduates in the UK are highly marketable and appealing to employers due to their wealth of transferrable skills, which include strong project management and problem-solving abilities.

8. Civil Engineering

Engineering degrees are among the best for securing employment in the UK. You will be able to take advantage of the countless chances in the landscaping, architectural, and construction industries if you have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. You should get a degree in civil engineering if you want a dependable and obvious professional route. graduates of civil engineering work as

9. Accounting And Finance

Graduates in accounting and finance in the UK have excellent employment chances and earn high wages between 19,000 and 28,000 GBP. The majority of them work in fields related to their studies. Their undergraduate education positions students to be employable in any industry or organization thanks to the abilities they learn. Every company needs a strong accounting department because these professionals are in high demand in the UK and can usually find acceptable employment there.

10. Medicine And Dentistry

One of the best healthcare systems in the world is found in the UK. Additionally, the UK is home to some of the world’s best medical schools. These colleges stand out for their unique course offerings, which seamlessly blend theory and practice for the best possible educational experience.

With a degree in medicine or dentistry, you may be certain that you’ll find a suitable career following graduation. The majority of your time studying medicine in the UK will be spent in a teaching hospital setting. Young doctors receive a broad set of skills that make them relevant in their field, in addition to professional mentoring from professors.

Graduates of medicine and dentistry in the UK have many work prospects thanks to the rigorous training program for medical practitioners and the strong collaboration with the National Health Service.

Dentistry is the most sought-after and lucrative degree among all the possibilities in the medical field.

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