Devastating Effect of Adding Date Of Birth on NYSC Certificates

As Nigeria holds an academic Certificate in high esteem, the age of an applicant searching for a job also receives glorification. After school’s struggling and the high rate of unemployment in the country, the next big problem is your Date of Birth.

It is rare to find a job opening in Nigeria (both public and private sector) without age limitation. Check out: how to change Date of Birth during NYSC online registration.

After graduation, even as it’s mandatory to serve for one year in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), that one year is now being used against graduates by attaching Date of Birth on the Certificate of National Service (NYSC Certificate).

After spending some years in a tertiary institution and one year serving Nigeria, employers including government specify age limit to job openings, thereby invalidating one’s qualifications.

This act on the side of employers increases the rate of internet fraud and other related crime in Nigeria. It has also placed unqualified people on jobs that can be better done by those wasting away at home because of age limit.

Many people have tempered with date of births on their documents just to get a job. In Nigeria, if your age is above 28 years, then you may not be able to get a job.

Making it worse, the Certificate of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is now carrying Date of Birth, so there is no way to falsify your age!

Devastating Effect of Adding Date Of Birth On NYSC Certificate

When the Director-General of NYSC, Brig. Gen. Shauibu Ibrahim announced a plan to include Date of Birth on NYSC discharge certificate, we thought it was a joke until he began the implementation.

There was anger, lamentation, crying among passing out corps members early this year, when the order to include date of birthday on NYSC certificate was implemented.

Batch ‘A’ 2019 Corps members that passed out in February 2020, all got Date of Birth on their Discharge Certificates.

The anger in including date of birth on NYSC discharge was seen in one of the Nigerian graduates. He revealed to what is about to do.

The graduate could not apply for a job opening in Nigeria because of his age, as it shown on his NYSC Discharge Certificate.

Usman Dauda Kankia threatened to remove the Date of Birth that was included on his NYSC Certificate, but he was advised against doing it.

On this note, we call on the NYSC management to review its decision on inclusion of Date of Birth on discharge Certificate.

4 thoughts on “Devastating Effect of Adding Date Of Birth on NYSC Certificates”

  1. The DG-Brigadier Shuaibu, we plead with you sir not to include date of birth on our NYSC discharge certificate because the way country is running, there will be more harm than good in the next 3-4years to come.
    After graduation with all the struggles and challenges you faced, now the nysc certificate is of no use because of date of birth.
    Please sir, we are pleading with you not to include date of birth on our certificate.

  2. All the planner are mad,notable 60 years can contest for govern and other post like that,but fresh graduate that pass 35 years are not entitle for job.God will punish them all with there hole generation

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