Difference Between N-Power NEXIT and NASIMS Portal

Did you apply for the N-Power Batch C recruitment, or have you benefited from the Npower scheme as Batch A & B volunteers? Can you tell the right portal to visit when necessary, or you’re confuse about the both portals? We are here to tell the difference between NASIMS portal and NEXIT portal.

Difference Between N-Power NEXIT and NASIMS PortalIt has come to our notice that some prospective N-Power Batch C applicants, and the Batch A & B exited volunteers are being confused about the two portals.

So, here we will take a walk through the difference between the both portals, so as to avoid any form of confusion among users of the both webpages.

The ministry of Humanitarian Affairs recently start the selection process for the N-Power Batch C beneficiaries, where five hundred thousand (500,000) volunteers will be recruited to benefit from the program.

Likewise, the empowerment process designed for the exited N-Power Batch A and B volunteers is still ongoing through the NEXIT platform.
The ministry also created a new portal known as National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS), where prospective N-Power Batch C volunteers can easily update their records and have their compulsory qualifying test.

It is paramount to note that, the NASIMS platform is solely meant for the prospective Npower Batch C beneficiaries and also other NSIP beneficiaries, excluding the exited Batch A and B beneficiaries.

While the NEXIT portal was created specially by the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs alongside the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), to empower the exited Batch A & B beneficiaries only excluding the prospective Batch C volunteers.

From the above explanation, we can simply say that the difference between the both portals is that, the NEXIT portal was designed to serve the exited Batch A and B beneficiaries of the Npower program, while the NASIMS portal is for Batch C and other NSIP volunteers.

With the mentioned difference(s), we expect every applicants to know which of the portal to visit at the right time instead of doing otherwise.

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    Please I want to up great my account with N.power to enable me write the online test what should I do thank.

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