People with 95% in N-Power Test may still not get Selected – Applicant

An N-Power applicant has said their test scores may not guarantee their selection in the ongoing N-power scheme for Batch ‘C’, hinting that location selected during registration and documents uploaded would play a vital role in the selection process.

Below is what he posted on theย N-power Chat group;

“When I said the test has little or no influence to getting selected, one Mr Know-all attacked me…

“People with even 95% may still not get selected.

“Just make sure your documents are clear and align.

“And one thing, location you chose affect your selection greatly.

“I personally scored 90% but that doesn’t guarantee my selection.

“The earlier you know that now, the better. Maybe this is the first federal online exam you are taking…

“I repeat, be smart in choosing your location, and make sure your documents are clear and correspond and choose your answers correctly.

“Score higher if you can as well but don’t depend your success on your test score. There’s selection.

“Thanks and good luck to those yet to write.

Meanwhile, another applicant, Burse Yusuf, claimed that N-Power test cut-off mark is 50% but he was countered by a fellow applicant.

“Don’t say that bro…. We are in Nigeria. 5 million applicants apply for NPOWER, and they will only select 500,000…. Therefore, 4.5million left …..

So, are you telling me it will be only 500,000 that will score 50% above?? Not possible, many candidate will score above 50% very sure…

So, in a nutshell…
It’s not what youu know, it’s who youu know.

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  1. I have been selected I have exam on 04 may but I have not received my tset link notification for my email

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