Disengagement of Npower Volunteers and How it Affects Their Communities

The Npower Scheme is one of the most dependable empowerment platform, for Nigerian youths. This post will unveil two (2) major effects disengagement of Npower Volunteers can cause to their community.

Disengagement is the act of being released/free from an agreed duty. There comes a point in the Npower scheme when beneficiaries will be disengaged from the program. This is usually after completion of the assigned duration.

According to the terms and conditions, they are to be exited once the stipulated duration of the program elapses. Previously, the maximum duration was two years, but currently it’s meant for just a year. However, it depends on the program option.

There are several benefits gotten by beneficiaries from the scheme, of which the major one is finance.

Now, once a volunteer is disengaged from the Npower scheme, it brings some negative impact to his/her immediate communities. Read also: Npower NEXIT Preparation On Top Gear – Management

Ways Disengagement of Npower Volunteers Affects Their Communities

The ways disengaging of Npower Volunteers can affect his/herself community are;

Stoppage of stipends

Once a beneficiary of the scheme is disengaged, the monthly stipends that he/she normally receives will also stop coming.

This affects the volunteer in person, and also his/her host community.

It brings about an advance decrease in productivity. As financial dealings won’t be effective like it were before.

In order for a disengaged volunteer not to be a burden to his/her community, an exit package should be made available.

This will boost not only the moral of the individual but also the community economically.

 Losing Access to a lot of activities

Getting disengage from work brings about losing access to several activities.

Some of which are;

  1.  Assessment of essential and non essential products/services.
  2.  Family and social bonds.
  3. Personal and social identity.
  4. Work experience.
  5.  Physical and mental wellbeing.
  6. Self confidence.
  7. Financial status.
  8. Daily activities.
  9. Societal engagement, etc.

The above-mentioned activities will definitely be affected whenever a beneficiary of the Npower scheme, is being disengaged.

Just as seen with the Batch A and Batch B beneficiaries. They were disengaged from the scheme, without the provision of an exit package.

These are the effects felt by an exited Npower volunteer, which eventually affects the community.

The prospective Batch C beneficiaries will definitely be disengaged, when their scheduled duration is completed.

Since the Batch C recruitment is ongoing, you can check your deployment status by visiting the official webpage, or click here.

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