Does FG Include NYSC in 2021 Budget? (See 2021 Budget Breakdown)

We’ve been getting messages from prospective corps members (PCMs) regarding the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) inclusion in 2021 National budget. One of the messages in our inbox reads as: “I heard that NYSC was not included in 2021 budget. How true is that?”

The truth is that NYSC will not function next year if there is no budget for the scheme. We at have read the Nigeria’s 2021 budget, but we did not understand it, therefore we don’t know whether NYSC is included or not in the national budget for 2021.

However, the best we can do now is to show you the breakdown of Nigeria’s 2021 national budget so you can check and interpret yourself.

NYSC is under which ministry in Nigeria?

NYSC is under the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports. Therefore, the scheme gets funding from the Nigeria’s budget for the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Breakdown of Nigeria’s 2021 National Budget of $34 Billion

Below is the breakdown of Nigeria’s 2021 budget as presented by President Muhammadu Buhari;

Selected ministries and allocations:

  • Ministry of Defence – N840.56 billion
  • Ministry of Interior – N227.02 billion
  • Ministry of Police Affairs – N441.39 billion
  • Ministry of education – N545.10
  • Ministry of health – N380.21 billion

Special Allocations

  • North East Development Commission – N29.7 billion
  • Nigerian Judicial Council – N110 billion
  • Universal Basic Education Commission – N70.05 billion
  • INEC – N40 billion
  • Public Complaints Commission – N5.20 billion
  • Human Rights Commission – N3.00 billion
  • Basic Health Care Provision Fund – N35.03 billion

Key capital spending allocations

  • Power – N198 billion
  • Works and Housing – N404 billion.
  • Transportation – N256 billion.
  • Defence – N121 billion.
  • Agriculture and Rural Development – N110 billion.
  • Water Resources – N153 billion.
  • Industry, Trade and Investment – N51 billion.
  • Education – N127 billion
  • Universal Basic Education Commission – N70 billion.
  • Health – N132 billion
  • Zonal Intervention Projects – N100 billion
  • Niger Delta Development Commission – N64 billion.

From the Nigeria’s budget breakdown as shown above what do you understand. Do think that NYSC is included in the 2021 budget or not?  Let’s hear from you. Please share this post.

4 thoughts on “Does FG Include NYSC in 2021 Budget? (See 2021 Budget Breakdown)”

  1. As we all know, NYSC is under federal ministry of youth and sport…170bn has been allocated to that ministry,,,you can download the appropriation bill for 2021 from

  2. I can’t see anything like nysc here. What are they now trying to say?. Is nysc about to be scraped?. —–a concerned PCM.

    1. Nysc is under federal ministry of youth and sports development,,,which has been allocated with 170bn for recurrent expenditure and 10bn for capital expenditure

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