An Open Letter to NYSC DG over Camp Reopening

A concerned Prospective Corps member has forwarded an open letter to the Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brig. Gen. Shauibu Ibrahim over continuing closure of Orientation Camps despite Federal Government approval to reopen Camps.

No Arrears for Corps members
NYSC DG, Brig. Gen. Shauibu Ibrahim

Dear DG,

For Months now, Orientation Camps have been shut down due to the outbreak of the novel Corona Virus Pandemic, which was not perculiar to NYSC, as other Parastatals were affected.

Gradually, the lockdown was relaxed in order to cushion the negative effect on the Economy, with the restrictions on inter-state movement lifted, International flight resuming, now schools resuming.

For Months now, NYSC and her Management Team have been asking PCMs to be patient and stay safe as they were waiting for green light from the FG/PTF, now, the Green light have been given, whatelse is still left to be done?

Different dates have been rumoured to be the date for the Reopening of Camps Nationwide but the management comes out to dispel such rumour.

My Beloved and Gallant DG, Prospective Corp Members are individuals who graduated years ago with hopes of Serving the Nation for the next one year as it has been made a compulsory Exercise to undertake, Employers are not ready to listen to you or even touch your Curriculum vitae (CV) without the Certificate of National Service, PCMs are growing older each passing day, as some Companies have age specification for Employment, Some PCMs have Programmes outlined but are being hindered from moving forward by the Continuous delay of NYSC as it is almost like we will go one full year waiting for NYSC.

Sir, our continuous stay at home without knowing the exact time we will be Called up for our National Service is becoming disheartening and frustrating, the NYSC updates not partaining to When BATCH A STREAM 2 CALL UP, posted on your Social media pages is now irritating and we are pissed up when we see such.

We plead with you, we deserve to be Called up like our Colleagues, we want to know when Orientation Camps will be reopened, Our Lives Matter, We are not growing younger.

God Bless Batch A Stream 2 PCMs!
God Bless Our DG!
God Bless NYSC!
God Bless NIGERIA!

Yours Sincerely,

Akpejiori A. I.
A Concerned PCM.

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6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to NYSC DG over Camp Reopening”

  1. Fawazuddeen J. A

    Well said bro. We ain’t getting any younger and our colleagues that were lucky to be mobilized with stream 1 are on d verge of finishing while we stream 2 don’t even know our stand. We are pleading with you to reopen the camps for us.

    1. I am really tired of home and it’s becoming frustrating. It’s been 7months and am tired. I want to move, am tired of remaining stagnant in one place. I want to do something reasonable with my life. Please open the camps

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