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You must have heard about a person called Emma Powerful of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Here is the biography of Emma Powerful, net worth and all other information you may need to know about the Media and Publicity Secretary of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

While some believe that Emma Powerful does not exist, others believe he exists but not as a single person, claiming that ‘Emma Powerful’ is actually an office that different top notch IPOB members operate using code name, “Emma Powerful”, so as to confuse the Nigerian security operatives. Well, some of your doubts about the existence of the IPOB media publicity secretary will be discussed in this article.

Who is Emma Powerful?

Emma Powerful is a Nigerian Igbo-born pro-Biafran activist and journalist who has been the spokesman for the Indigenous People of Biafra, as well as its Media and Publicity Secretary.

He has been at the forefront of agitating for the freedom of the eastern region of Nigeria to be declared the Republic of Biafra. Just like Nnamdi Kanu, Emma Powerful has represented IPOB in the media, using his position to stand as a close person to Nnamdi Kanu, to the point where he is even said to be Nnamdi Kanu’s mouthpiece.

Meanwhile, Emma Powerful has hidden much of his information from social media, which includes his State of Origin, Date of Birth, parents, siblings, and educational background.

To be sincere, nobody knows exactly what Emma Powerful looks like or where he is operating from, therefore, making it difficult for the Nigerian security agency to arrest him.

Note: Some of the pictures being circulated online by some bloggers are not the real pictures of Emma Powerful.

What Does Emma Powerful Want?

Emma Powerful wants Independence for Biafrans. He is against Fulani herdsmen allegedly invading the South East (Igbo land). Mr Powerful has reportedly spoke against what he described as fulanization of the south-east of Nigeria. According to Emma Powerful, the only alternative to getting rid of terrorists in Nigeria is to grant independence to Biafra.

Emma Powerful interview with channel TV

As the spokesman for IPOB, he had previously had an interview chat with Channel TV on April 20, 2021, over the assassination of Ikonso, who was the commander of the Eastern Security Network (ESN). Due to this, the Nigerian Federal Government fined Channel TV the sum of Five Million Naira (N5,000,000) for interviewing a leader of a proscribed group. Through this, Mr Powerful’ became more popular and known by many people on social media as he continued with his activism.

Emma powerful personal life

Emma Powerful has kept private information about his personal life, including details of his wife and children, from social media, but all we know is that he is married and has children. Emma Powerful does not have any social media accounts other than Facebook, where he is not very active. Therefore, it will be very difficult to answer many questions about him coming from the public, but truth is that he is real and active in every of his duty.

Emma powerful Net worth

Based on records, and the little information that we gathered about him, as a Nigerian-born journalist and IPOB Media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful is estimated to have a net worth of about $400,000. Which other sources of income may contribute but are not found on social media.

Emma Powerful Pictures

Emma Powerful Pictures

Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of Emma Powerful as at the time of this publication, the pictures being circulated online which we published before was reported to be a picture of Abia State Government Official who have nothing to do with IPOB, but we have deleted the picture for more accuracy of information. We promise to update this page once we get the real pictures of Emma Powerful.

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