Enrolment Criteria For FG Covid19 N5,000 RRR Fund

The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, has recorded success in the ongoing registration into RRR Funding of the poor citizens living in the country.

The special register which is known as Rapid Response Register (RRR) is an initiative from ministry of humanitarian Affairs, to help identify the poor citizens living in the urban and semi-urban region of Nigeria.

RRR extends National Social Safety Nets Project (NASSP) which focuses on the poor masses that lives in urban areas and greatly affected by the pandemic (Covid19).

It has been said that those whose details are being captured by the RRR (Rapid Response Register) will be paid the sum of five thousand naira (N5,000) by the government, for a duration of six months. See how to register for Vice President N5,000 RRR Cash Transfer.

The initiative is to help the identified poor masses to pick up with their upkeeps and financial crisis.

Purpose of the RRR and How to Identify Beneficiaries

  1. The aim is to identify the poorest citizens of the country, and get them registered.

  2. Registration of Affected person(s) will be done with mobile phones by following prompt instructions after dialing a specific USSD code.

  3. Only Applicants who lives in the urban and suburban region will be considered.

  4. The idea will also make it very easy for other bodies such as NGOs, self-help support groups, small and big firms etc. to get data’s of these group of persons into their database whenever they want to help.

  5. Accepted applicants will get their phone number activated, and on the payroll of FG to receive the five thousand naira (N5,000), on monthly basis.

There are lots of poor individuals that have become poorer because of the Covid19 pandemic and need urgent attention in order to survive. Hence, the FG brought this scheme to help assist and rescue such persons.

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