1 Year After: A Look At How Ex-BBNAIJA Housemates Are Doing

The commencement of the pandemic in 2020 prompted concerns among fans, with many wondering if the Big Brother Naija programme will run. Many people were surprised to learn that the show not only went on, but also gave birth to a slew of new favourites.

It’s been a year since the Lockdown edition housemates left the platform, riding high on their newfound celebrity, and the majority of them have made something of themselves, however small. While some of these housemates have gone low-key after weeks or months of anticipation, others have exceeded expectations. Some of the Lockdown ex-housemates are still in our faces, just as they were the first day we met them, in everything from music to fashion, acting, political appointments, and entrepreneurship.

1. Laycon

Ex-BBNAIJA Housemates Are Doing

The rapper broke many records in the house from the time he literally lit up the stage with his entrance. Following his victory in the season, the rapper has gone on to appear in songs and even create his own album. Fans may rest confident that the reality star still has more challenges to overcome.

2. Ozo

Ozo has progressed from ‘clinging’ to Nengi in the house to hosting a sports show, precisely as he had hoped. Ozo has endorsements as well, and he appears to be doing well for himself, as seen by his recent tour of his elegantly furnished residence.

3. Dorathy

Ex-BBNAIJA Housemates Are Doing

Dorathy was the show’s first runner-up, and she’s since gone on to get endorsements and launch her own intimate apparel brand. Her business has expanded to include a men’s area, and she has received positive feedback from customers.

3. Vee

Vee was one of the housemates whose forthright demeanour won her fans, and the singer has since received endorsements. Vee has also realised a dream she’s always talked about in the house: she’s finally dropped her musical project.

4. Erica

Erica the “star girl,” as she is affectionately known, was a fan favourite throughout the season, and her dramatic exit from the programme only added to her popularity. Erica has moved on from her disqualification to securing endorsement deals, receiving delectable and costly presents from fans, and confronting Nollywood head on.

5. Nengi

Ex-BBNAIJA Housemates Are Doing

Because of her attractiveness and innocent demeanour, Nengi was also a house favourite. She owns a shoe company in addition to holding the job of Senior Special Assistant in Bayelsa state. Nengi has also appeared in Nollywood films and has established himself as a major player in the entertainment business.

6. Neo

Neo was the house’s fashionista, and his Instagram profile was brimming with fashionable photographs. Neo, like the rest of the cast, has landed sponsorship deals. It’s also worth noting that his relationship with Vee is blossoming and has become a significant social media hot topic.

Source: Nyscinfo

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