FCMB Microfinance “E DON BETA” Loan Initiative – all you need to know

It is amazing that many Nigerians do not know that First City Monument Bank (FCMB) owns a Microfinance bank, a subsidiary with the aim of offering monetary services to the less-banked and unbanked low-income sector. The FCMB Microfinance initiative is targeted at making the lives of those with no access to banking better.

What is the reason for FCMB Microfinance initiative?

In all parts of the world today and in nearly all countries, banking services are rendered. This gives people access to seamless and fast financial tractions. Despite this, there is a part that is under-serviced or even totally has no access to banking services. This outcome came on the backdrop of a research carried out by FCMB, meaning that access to financial services in Africa is on a very low side with regard to women than men, regardless of the important role they play at home. FCMB Microfinance bank was created to tackle this problem.

“E DON BETA” meaning

Meaning life has gotten better in English language, the “E DON BETA” initiative is created for mutual lending for economically active women. The program basically promotes financial awareness and empowerment for this set of women via the offering of micro-loans at low cost.

Who can access the Microfinance bank loans?

This service is available for all lowly banked and non-banked low-income women for savings, credit, and various financial help.

What are the features of the FCMB Microfinance bank?

1. Easily Accessible

The microfinance bank easily makes its services available for you. The whole process of you applying and getting a loan is done quickly.

2. Non Collateral

If you want to apply and get a loan, you are not required to present any collateral before you can be given a loan. You will be given only the amount you need as a small income earner.

3. Good Customer Service

The most interesting thing about the customer service agents of this bank is that they speak to you in the language you understand, meaning that you can conveniently communicate in the language you understand and can speak best.

How do I contact FCMB Microfinance bank?

You can reach the bank by visiting any of the branches close to you, or call 07007777778.

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