Fertilizer Subsidy Grant For AFJP Farmers (1st Batch) Approved by FG

The Agriculture for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP) Farmers, who were registered under FMARD with the help of enumerators, has gotten the Fertilizer Subsidy Grant approved by the FGN. This is actually the FG’s way of responding towards small holders farmers who were adversely affected by COVID-19, to come back to their feet which will in return bring about job creation, and increment in locally grown food supply.

Fertilizer Subsidy Grant For AFJP Farmers (1st Batch) Approved by FGActually, the approved Fertilizer Subsidy Grant is solely for those in the first set (1st Batch). While those that’ll be credited with the stipulated fund, are AFJP Farmers whose Bank Verification Number (BVN) has being verified by NIBSS.

Hopefully, beneficiaries will be directly credited this very week, as notifications have been sent across to all qualified persons in the first batch.

Message content can be found below;

Dear AFJP Farmer(s),
It is our duty to inform you of being qualified for the FG Fertilizer Subsidy Grant. You are expected to get or submit an active bank account detail by 7th of July 2021 to enable you to receive your payment.

Enumerators of Fmardpace should because of this notice guide the small holder farmers under them, so as to enable them to utilize this golden opportunity and get a better productivity record.

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  1. I wanted to know the exact time when the disbursement of the grant would commence. I’m also opportune to got the message of approval. How I wish the scheme will actualize unlike others projected that end in paper work.

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