What To Do While Serving As Npower Beneficiary

Most people think that being an N-Power Beneficiary has placed them in a comfortable zone, not knowing that if no proper plan is being put in place, they will regret spending a whole year serving under the scheme in the nearest future. This is because the Npower program is not a permanent job, but an empowerment program introduced by the federal government to help fight the rate of unemployment among youths, and make them entrepreneurs after acquiring the skills needed to succeed in their various ventures.

So as a Npower Beneficiary, endeavor to source for opportunities that will make you self-reliant in the nearest future while benefiting from the scheme as a volunteer.

Although sourcing for jobs during your service under the Npower scheme doesn’t mean that you will lose focus in your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), rather you are expected to use your spare time in looking for other jobs. Because you might face issues due to absconding from work once you cannot do the searching smartly.

In the year 2019, there was a live chat between the exited Npower Beneficiaries and one of the top staff of the Npower Management team. He advised the beneficiaries to create special time out of their busy schedule to source for jobs and attend interviews, but should do so at their free periods in order not to have issues with their PPA. In addition, he suggested the creation of profiles on Linkin and other social media platforms that will enable them to connect with professionals in various fields.

An audio clip of the chat can be found below;

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